Standards Comparison Software facilitates ASIL determination.

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RiskCAT v6.1 compares various aspects of ISO 13849/26262, IEC 61508/61511/62279/62425, and DIN EN 50128/50129 standards. Specifically, it displays all measures that are logically present in both standards but expressed differently. Software reveals how one particular standard's measure corresponds to one of differing nomenclature in another. Differences with respect to liability resulting from different ASILs (Automotive Integrity Level) can also be indicated.

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Tool Eases ASIL Determination

In its latest version 6.1, the tool RiskCAT (distributed by Hitex) provides essential enhancements and support for ISO 26262 (DIS).

RiskCAT for ISO 26262 allows for instance comparing this standard to IEC 61508 (SIL 3) according to various aspects. E.g. RiskCAT displays all measures, which are logically present in both standards, but expressed differently.

RiskCAT reveals by two clicks of the mouse, that e.g. the measure "Fagan inspection" from IEC 61508 (table B.8) corresponds to "inspection of the software unit design" in ISO 26262 (part 6, table 11). Without the help of RiskCAT, this information would require in-depth and time-consuming study of the standard, whereas RiskCAT contrasts the respective excerpts from the standards quickly and comfortably.

Furthermore, the differences with respect to liability resulting from different ASILs ("Automotive Integrity Level") can be indicated. So the user finds easily, that for instance in the area "verification of the software development" there is only one measure, of which the liability is higher for ASIL C than for ASIL B. This measure refers to hardware-in-the-loop tests, which are "recommended" for ASIL B and "highly recommended" for ASIL C (part 6, table 18).

RiskCAT 26262 allows determining the ASIL for a product and indicates for every possible measure in ISO 26262, how compulsory its usage for a certain ASIL is.

With version 6.1, the user interface of RiskCAT was reworked. This becomes apparent in the now solely horizontal layout of the buttons for the parts of the standard. RiskCAT enables the user attaching notes to measures, selecting measures for application, and generating check lists from selected measures. Such check lists may lay the ground for later work. RiskCAT allows navigating quickly in the standard's text and can display the exact wording of the standard or the comment for a measure in the standard. The required standard's text is included in the delivery.

Besides for ISO 26262, RiskCAT is also available for IEC 61508, ISO 13849, DIN EN 50128 / IEC 62279, DIN EN 50129 / IEC 62425, and IEC 61511. Interfaces from RiskCAT to Artisan Studio, DOORS®, and Caliber are available separately.

RiskCAT is available from Hitex Development Tools GmbH.
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