Standalone Printing System automates laboratory identification.

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Combining 300 dpi thermal transfer printer, barcode scanner, Bluetooth modem, and CodeSoft®9 Pro software, BBP(TM)11 Scan and Print System enables labs to auto-generate labels by scanning existing barcode. Linear and 2D barcodes maximize amount of information on each label, especially on areas such as centrifuge tubes, slides, and cassettes. With accurate patient data and clear identification, labs can implement chain of custody tracking, minimize errors, and optimize patient safety.

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Brady's New Standalone Printing System Automates Laboratory Identification

BBP(TM)11 Scan and Print System improves processing time, workflow and chain of custody tracking

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Brady Worldwide, Inc. has introduced a new standalone printing system for automating laboratory identification, particularly for slides and vials. The new BBP(TM)11 Scan and Print System, which includes a thermal transfer printer, barcode scanner, Bluetooth modem and software, enables labs to auto-generate labels by simply scanning an existing barcode. The system expedites lab processing time and workflow, and eliminates the need for a PC or laptop at the workstation.

Compact scanner and printing system auto-generates lab labels without a PC

The new Brady BBP(TM)11 Scan and Print System is a simple yet innovative solution for automated laboratory identification. The kit includes the BBP(TM)11 printer, a small 300 dpi thermal transfer printer, a CR3500 Scanner (complete with handle, cable, universal scanner charger and power supply), a Bluetooth modem, CodeSoft®9 Pro Software, and a Brady360(TM) Printer Protection and Care extended warranty plan.

Designed as a compact standalone system, the BBP(TM)11 printer takes print commands directly from a scanned barcode - without any involvement from a PC or laptop. The system is customized to the lab's process, making it an ideal solution for a wide variety of lab applications.

A lab technician can quickly scan an incoming specimen and the BBP(TM)11 printer will be automatically triggered to print the vial and tube labels. At the microtome, technicians can scan a tissue block barcode (mother) and it will automatically print the sequential number of slide labels (daughter).

Labs see improvements in processing time, error reductions and specimen tracking

The BBP(TM)11 Scan and Print System yields a number of key benefits for laboratories. It enables technicians to automate their label printing and print on-demand, which significantly reduces processing time as it eliminates tedious and error-prone "match and batch" activities.

Because of its standalone functionality, it also saves spaces space, time and money. Technicians can simply turn on the printer and begin scanning; there is no need to adjust print variables with each job. The CR3500 scanner has a 300-foot communication range to the Bluetooth modem, which gives lab technicians much more mobility and flexibility than a traditional PC-based identification system.

The system also features 2D barcode capabilities and thermal transfer printing to help labs improve accuracy and chain of custody tracking. Crisp 300 dpi print quality eliminates the need to handwrite information on labels, which can be time-consuming, difficult to read, and hence, fallible. They system's 2D and linear barcodes, however, are highly accurate and allow much more information to be included on each label - especially on small areas such as centrifuge tubes, slides, cassettes and other laboratory containers.

With improved processing time, accurate patient data and clear identification, labs are able to successfully implement chain of custody tracking, reduce errors and enhance their patient safety - all with one standalone printing system.
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