Stamping Press forms drawn parts at high speeds.

Press Release Summary:

Combination Link Series increases production speed by as much as 100% during blanking, coining and deep-draw work up to 6 in. Link press slows down at bottom of work stroke, providing extra dwell time for better material flow when part shape is drawn. Press then speeds up on return stroke and approach to minimize cycle time. Slower stroke also provides tighter forming tolerances.

Original Press Release:

Combination Link Press Optimizes Diverse Stamping Processes to Meet Needs for Efficiency and Flexibility

PTC (Press Technology Corp., Cambridge, Ontario) has introduced the Combination Link series of mechanical stamping presses, designed to let stampers increase production speed by as much as 100% during blanking, coining and deep draw work up to of 6". With a Combination Link Press, a larger range of parts can be produced on a single press. Efficient blanking and progressive die work is coupled with the capability to form drawn parts at high speeds with superior part finish, without excessive die wear.

Link presses are known for their ability to slow down at the bottom of the work stroke, providing extra dwell time for better material flow when the part shape is drawn. The press then speeds up on the return stroke (as well as the approach) to minimize cycle time. However, traditional link presses offer either a short work stroke, suitable for blanking a shallow family of parts...or a long work stroke, suitable for draw work but with poor blanking capabilities. Based on accumulated engineering and application expertise, PTC has designed a press that delivers the best of both worlds. The slower work stroke provides tighter forming tolerances, with minimized material spring back. There is less heat generated, resulting in longer die life. Tooling and maintenance costs can be reduced in various ways: cam die punch life can be increased, and draw cushion maintenance can be decreased (due to reduced shock loads). Operating noises are also minimized.

PTC specializes in cost-effectively providing built-to-spec presses that meet specific requirements, as opposed to limited press model offerings. PTC link presses are proven in applications ranging from high-volume Tier One automotive (35 parts per minute on a 200" bed press, for instance), to general-industry contract stamping shops. One contract stamper recently reported a 40% decrease in die maintenance costs, and doubled die life.

Tonnage range for the Combination Link series is 300 to 2000 metric tons, with bed sizes from 48" x 84" to 108" x 240". A wide range of drive configurations is available: two or four point connections, two or four plate crowns, and single or double geared drivetrains. Design features include: a heavy-duty frame that results in low compression and low deflection of .0015" per foot; and an eight point gibbing system that assures precise parallelism between the ram and bed connections.

Press Technology Corp. (PTC) designs and builds built-to-spec mechanical presses for the automotive transportation, appliance, furniture, contract stamping and other durable goods industries. Press capacities range from 300 to 2000 metric tons, with press drive configurations including crankshaft, eccentric gear, blanking link, combination link and draw link. PTC designs and integrates turnkey stamping solutions including in-press transfer, blank loading and feeding, scrap handling and die change technologies. For more information, contact Heinz Becker or Scott McIntyre, Press Technology Corp., 1452 Bishop Street North, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada N1R 7N8. Phone (519-624-1131), fax (519-624-7542). Visit our web site at

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