Stainless Steel Welding Consumables

Manufacturers and Fabricators take advantage of online sourcing and purchasing options.

Orangeville - Stainless Steel Direct recently added a full line of stainless steel welding consumables manufactured by leading U.S. company Arcos Industries. Stainless Steel Direct will be offering its existing and future client base a convenient way of purchasing high quality stainless steel welding consumables by offering online purchasing options at affordable prices and convenient packaging sizes.

Online purchasing of products has greatly increased over the years and the manufacturing and fabrication sector is paying attention to the ever increasing online options available to them. When it comes to welding consumables attractions such as convenient packaging sizes and project specific purchasing quantities allow manufacturers to reduce inventory costs and spoilage of welding consumables due to poor or inadequate storage techniques.

"We have taken a different approach to traditional purchasing options when it comes to stainless steel welding consumables", Robert Abbott, President of Stainless Steel Direct. "Our welding consumable customers are more open to paying a little higher prices in trade for quick delivery and only purchasing what they need when they need it". With shipping locations in both Canada and the United States Stainless Steel Direct has eliminated the inconvenience of product having to cross each countries border and thus eliminating time delays and unwanted added costs.

Stainless Steel Direct can offer its customers a variety of Arcos stainless steel welding consumables.


o Shielded metal arc welding electrodes are available in a number of different Alloy grades, packaging sizes and coating types. Stainless Steel Direct carries convenient 6, and 10lb tubes, electrode lengths available include 9", 12" and 14" for coating types -15, -16 and -17 to meet your weld performance and productivity requirements.


o Gas metal arc welding wires are available in a number of different Alloy grades and packaging sizes. Stainless Steel Direct carries convenient 2lb, 10lb and 30lbs spools for wire diameters 0.023" to 0.062" meeting your productivity requirements, large or small.


o Gas tungsten arc welding electrodes (Rods) are available in a number of different Alloy grades. Stainless Steel Direct carries GTAW electrode (rod) diameters 0.035" to 3/16" all in convenient 10lb packages. Each individual electrode (rod) is laser embossed with the alloy grade and heat number for product traceability.

Stainless Steel Direct offers the most complete selection of stainless steel parts to the Industrial, Marine, Architectural, Commercial, Government and OEM markets. We trust you'll find Stainless Steel Direct a reliable source for your stainless steel needs and a enjoyable company to do business with. Our goal is to offer consistent, top quality stainless steel products while offering exceptional customer service. We can be reached at toll free 1-866-940-5149 or visit our website


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