Stahli Lapping Technologies Advances Productivity through Use of Single Side in-process Measurement

The Stahli FH-602 series is advancing the manufacturing industry with a fully automated single side in-process measurement system. This machine series allows customers to efficiently and effectively perform quality measurements in one single process minimizing out of machine quality checks and reducing changeover time. The FH-602 also promotes energy efficiency by allowing for a continuous production cycle integrated with a totally automated quality measurement system.

Flat Honing (or Fine Grinding) with planetary kinematics using cBN or diamond wheels works best if variable pressure can be applied depending on the current sharpness state of the grinding wheel. Due to this factor, the machine cannot be operated solely with time because a stock removal rate is not consistent throughout the sharpen frequency of the grinding wheel. Therefore, an in-process measurement system is needed so the machine controls are able to put additional pressure on the parts when the stock removal rate starts to decrease. With variable pressure the grinding wheel can be held at the optimal sharpness point. Self-sharpening is then allowed and the wheel will only dull out minimally over time. Until the launch of the Stahli FH-602 this was not possible for the lack of high precision and accuracy in-process measuring systems.

Stahli Lapping Technologies offers grinding development processes on the FH-602 series similar to the larger DLM production machine series. This will allow customers to run demanding and delicate operations on the machine.

Depending on stock removal and surface finish requirements as well as the used consumables, stable results for 30-100 consecutive runs without any sharpening are achievable.

The FH-602 machine is completely user-friendly with the use of SPS control and touch-screen to enter and adjust the process parameters. The grinding recipe can be defined in multiple steps; selectable force or removal rate controlled with freely selectable wheel turning speeds.

The pressure head unit, is one of the most important parts which was developed and optimized over multiple generations. It contains a precise in-process measuring system which will measure the actual parts thickness between the pressure plate and the grinding wheel.

Each load is prepared in a carrier disc which will hold the parts in place. One loaded ring plus carrier will be ground at a time, while another one can be prepared outside the machine. This can happen manually or in an automated fashion, since the machine is built in a modular way. There are fully covered hand loading versions, as well as stripped machines for integration in an automated cell.

Another important feature of the FH-602 series is the automatic sharpening and dressing station. After a certain number of cycles or when reaching a defined grinding time per cycle a sharpening and flushing sequence can be launched manually or automatically.

The possibility to use efficient diamond and cBN grinding wheels in single sided Flat Honing with planetary kinematics in conjunction with precise in-process measurement will expand possibilities and grow innovation within the manufacturing industry.

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By: Matt HUFF, Timon REAMY


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