Stahl at ACLE 2013, Shanghai

This year Stahl's 250 sqm stand at the ACLE in Shanghai will display a wide selection of technical, fashion and upholstery leathers, focusing on the latest new product releases and fashion trends from the leather chemicals business units.

Stahl's Performance Coatings division will also be strongly represented with a wide range of new water-based products for both its core markets and emerging segments.

Compliant chemistry and sustainability continue to drive all new developments within Stahl, and are being fully integrated into each new product developed for the industry.

Leather Finish

New products for the finishing market will focus primarily on upgrading, Lifestyle products, and performance topcoat systems.

In upgrading, Stahl has expanded the initial Mirage product offering with a polishable version and will introduce its newest upgrading systems for both nubuk and suedes.

In both the Lifestyle shoe segment and upholstery, Stahl has responded to the increased regional interest in waxes and oils. A much wider product range will be introduced in Shanghai which is highlighted by a new waterproof wax, high performance softening oils, and an industry leading compliant lanolin blend.

New topcoats will also be released at the ACLE, for both the shoe and upholstery segments. Traditional fashion effects such as box, nappa and patent leather will be shown using the latest products. A wide range of new topcoats for upholstery clients will also be available, showcasing the latest haptic and soft touch formulations from Stahl.


Stahl's Wet-End division introduces a number of new developments and additions to existing product ranges. The Synektan product range presents new vegetable tannins for retanning of chrome leathers, the Corilene range adds a new multi-purpose fatliquor and compact polymer.

For the automotive segment, full ranges of car dyes named Coriacide Car and Inoderme Car were launched. Coriacide is methal free, Inoderme is methal complex.

The beamhouse range Bemanol was extended with more sustainable solutions for soaking and liming. They give excellent results in quality and yield of the crust and at the same time reduce the level of sulphide and nitrogen in the effluent. And the Bemanol range now also presents a concentrated biodegradable non-ionic and nonyl phenol-free detergent for use in all stages of the beamhouse process.

Performance Coatings

At ACLE Stahl's Performance Coatings division launches its new EVO line to produce sustainable PU coated fabrics for shoes, bags, garment, upholstery and automotive applications. EVO products are free of restricted substances like DMF, aromatic solvents and APEO as well as other substances that are banned by international leading brands. This product line demonstrates Stahl support to the efforts of major OEMs to bring sustainable and RSL-compliant goods to the market place.

EVO products are specially designed and marketed under Stahl's Permutex®, Permuthane® and PermaQure® trade names.

As always, Stahl's top global commercial staff and management are full-time at the stand to meet with customers. A wide range of specialised technicians are available to answer questions and provide in-depth information.

Stahl can be located in Hall E3, stand B07.

Stahl is a customer-focused company that specialises in providing high quality chemicals, dyes and coatings for leather, as well as flexible and non-flexible substrates for performance coatings, textiles and related products. Stahl's objective is to achieve the highest customer service level through on-time delivery of innovative quality products and processes while operating safely and in harmony with the environment. Today, Stahl operates eight manufacturing sites and some 30 strategically located technical service laboratory facilities world-wide and employs some 1,250 people in more than 28 countries - many of whom are engaged in basic research and development of new products and processes. More than one quarter of them are dedicated technical experts based at application laboratories offering top-level local custom-made service wherever our customers are located throughout the world. Stahl strongly believes that research is a sound base for the future and it therefore invests more in research and development than any other company in the industry.

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