Stacking PCB Connector comes in half-wide version.

Press Release Summary:

Measuring 16.15 mm wide, STRADA Mesa Connector offers 4 differential pairs per column in sizes 1, 2, and 3, which when fully loaded, yield 24, 48, and 88 pairs, respectively. Stack height options range from 8-42 mm in 1 mm increments. Pin and socket signal contact designs can be arranged in high-speed differential, high-density single-ended, and/or coax patterns. With 15+ Gbps performance, connector is suited for servers, switches, routers, and optical transport.

Original Press Release:

TE STRADA Mesa Stacking Connector Family Expanded to Include a Half Wide Version for Design Flexbility

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Tyco Electronics (TE) expands its high-speed, stacking STRADA Mesa product family to include a new narrow version -- the STRADA Mesa connector half wide. The new stacking connector offers design and application flexibility through a slim width of 16.15mm that suits a variety of PCB footprints. The product offers four differential pairs per column-compared to the eight differential pairs per column offered by the standard width product-in sizes one, two and three, which when fully loaded yield 24, 48 and 88 pairs respectively. This new pair configuration allows users to break out a PCB footprint in two signal layers. In addition, the new product significantly increases connector airflow. Additional product features, common to the entire STRADA Mesa mezzanine product family, include:
o 15+ Gbps high-speed performance
o Stack heights options starting from 8mm and growing to 42mm, in 1mm increments
o Pin and socket signal contact designs that can be arranged in high-speed differential, high-density single-ended and/or coax patterns
o Integrated power contacts, each capable of carrying a de-rated 14 Amps of current. The STRADA Mesa mezzanine connectors can be used in high-speed, high-density and power mezzanine functions such as servers, switches, routers and optical transport. For more information on the new product, please contact your local Tyco Electronics Sales Representative or visit our website at Product samples are available upon request. ABOUT TYCO ELECTRONICS
Tyco Electronics Ltd. is a leading global provider of engineered electronic components, network solutions, specialty products and subsea communication systems, with fiscal 2010 sales of US$12.1 billion to customers in more than 150 countries. We design, manufacture and market products for customers in a broad array of industries including automotive; data communication systems and consumer electronics; telecommunications; aerospace, defense and marine; medical; energy; and lighting. With approximately 7,000 engineers and worldwide manufacturing, sales and customer service capabilities, Tyco Electronics' commitment is our customers' advantage. More information on Tyco Electronics can be found at Rachel A. Sigamony
(717) 986-7761 STRADA, STRADA MESA, TE (logo) and Tyco Electronics are trademarks of the Tyco Electronics group of companies and its licensors.

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