Stackable Rod Frame Baskets offer extended life expectancy.

Press Release Summary:

High-temperature welded rod-frame baskets feature stackable design that distributes stress along double top rim, increasing product life by minimizing distortion. Parts are kept in place with mesh liner, as per customer specifications, and construction may be of Monel 400, Inconnel 625, RA 330, Zeron 100, or any material available in round bar form.

Original Press Release:

California Heating Equipment Introduces High-Temp Rod Frame Baskets, UCON A

Anaheim, CA - California Heating Equipment, a leader in industrial heat treating furnaces, is proud to announce that is now selling high-temperature rod frame baskets, and carrying UCON-A quenchant as the sole representative of Tenaxol® in Oregon, Washington and Mexico.

California Heating Equipment manufactures a wide variety of industrial furnaces for the heat-treating industry, and its staff has more than 80 years of combined staff experience.

A great feature of the new high-temperature welded rod-frame baskets are that they are stackable; when stacked the stress is distributed along the double top rim. This increases the life of the baskets by minimizing the amount of distortion. Parts are also kept in place with a mesh liner, as per the specifications of the customer.

California Heating Equipment has constructed baskets with Monel 400, Inconnel 625, RA 330 and Zeron 100. However, these baskets are also available in any material that can be found in a round bar.

In addition to selling the baskets, California Heating Equipment is also carrying UCON Quenchant A. UCON-A, a nonflammable, polymeric quenchant manufactured by Tenaxol, is an aqueous solution of a liquid organic polymer, and a corrosion inhibitor. Other Tenaxol polymer products they sell include, UCON-B,UCON-E, UCON-HT, UCON-NT, UCON-RL, UCON CORROSION INHIBITOR, UCON FOAM CONTROL, and UCON LUBRICANT.

California Heating Equipment has become a distributor for UCON-A in Oregon, Washington and Mexico for Tenaxol®, a leader in industrial quenchants for the past 50 years.

To find out more about California Heating Equipment's high-temperature welded rod-frame baskets, or about line of Tenaxol products, visit their website at or give them a call at 1-888-CAL-HEAT (225-4328).

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