SRS Conveyors Introduces Power and Free 8500 Series

Markham Ontario - SRS Conveyors extends its solutions offering with the introduction of the Power and Free 8500 Series.

SRS offers a wide variety of Power and Free Overhead Conveyors that are suitable for various applications from paint finish and processing, to in-line / flexible assembly operations in the automotive, electronic, agriculture, garment, and many other industries. The Power and Free 8500 Series will solve both simple and complex handling problems and is readily adaptable to your computerized/PLC operation and the S300/400 power and free controllers which allow precise control throughout the entire system.

Overhead Conveyors 8500 Series: Features

ENCLOSED TRACK POWER AND FREE: Developed from the Overhead Enclosed Track, the continuous Powered Conveyor provides single load carrying capabilities. This system in the 750-pound load category offers a predictable and positively powered system, with "on-line" accumulation capability. The AC 8500 Series is a system that will solve both simple and complex handling problems. With this system, it is possible to interconnect many operations within a plant, yet accommodate specific local process variations. The AC 8500 Series is readily adaptable to computerized operation, which allows precise control throughout the entire system.

ACCUMULATED: Carriers are stopped at desired work stations when a worker activates one of several types of stops. The mechanism, which can be manually or pneumatically powered, slides into place between the power and free tracks. When one carrier is stopped, all following carriers automatically accumulate behind. As pusher dogs come into contact with the tail on the rear stationary trolley, the tail elevates the pusher dog, which then pivots on the power chain, disconnecting it from the free trolley. All accumulated trolleys are then bypassed by the pusher dogs.

TRACK: This system incorporates standard track for the power chain and two 3" C-1045 high carbon structural steel channels for the free track.

SWITCHING: The ability to route carriers smoothly and efficiently to predetermined destinations through a network of spurs and loops provides valuable flexibility in production schedule, inspection, repair, painting and shipping functions. Switching can be accomplished through the use of either automatic or manually-operated switches.

PUSHER DOG: Drive power is transmitted to the free trolley by pusher dogs linked to the power chain that runs in the upper track. The pivoted connector on the dog remains engaged to a trolley until it strikes the tail on a stopped trailing trolley. The connector then pivots up, disengaging the dog from the leading trolley, and permitting the trolleys to come to a stop at an accumulation point.

LEADING TROLLEY & TRAILING TROLLEY: In the SRS 8500 system, carriers are suspended from trolleys running in the free track made up of two 3" structural channels. The trolleys run on ball bearing wheels with hardened races for long life and trouble-free operation. Normally, two trolleys - a leading trolley and a trailing trolley, connected by a load bar - will support each carrier. Pusher dogs connected to the power chain engage with the leading trolley to move the load. During accumulation, the tail on the trailing trolley lifts the pusher dogs, disengaging them from the trolleys and permitting the remainder of the conveyor system to continue operating without interference.

COMBINATION TROLLEY: The Combination Trolley is available for smaller parts that require less than 8" of accumulation. This special trolley eliminates the need for a two-trolley arrangement with a load bar and associated hardware.

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