Squeeze More Profits from Your Fruit Juice Production

In the production of fruit and vegetable juices which have a percentage of pomace content (i.e. solid remains or pulp of fruit after pressing for juice), it's common to use a pressure/valve homogenizer to decrease the particle size of the dispersed solids and provide improved stability against separation. In many food products increased viscosity can be used to counteract the settling rate of dispersed solids, but in the case of fruit and vegetable juice an increase in viscosity would add undesirable mouth-feel and taste to the drink. Therefore, juice homogenization is critical to increasing the degree of product uniformity and storage stability, with the added benefit of improving smell and taste. While this process has been used for years, most processors are still seeking solutions to common problems such as high capital costs, high energy consumption, excessive parts wear and frequent service requirements.

The Quadro® HV-Emulsifier defines new limits in shear energy and closes the gap in performance between traditional in-line mixers and pressure/valve homogenizers. With unique high velocity rotor technology, the HV-Emulsifier can generate more than 30x the disruptive forces of a traditional rotor-stator mixer without the excessive wear and maintenance common to a valve homogenizer. Fine particle sizes extending into submicron distributions can now be homogeneously dispersed in fruit and vegetable juices without the use of high-pressure technology.

The Quadro® HV-Emulsifier produces fine pomace juice dispersions to improve stability, smell and taste, while providing increased capacity and a lower cost alternative to high-pressure technology.

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