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Spy Software monitors online and offline computer use.

Press Release Summary:

Dec 17, 2012 - Working in background of computers running Windows® (including Windows 8), AceSpy v6.5 records computer and Internet activities – websites, documents, applications, emails, keystrokes, screenshots – in complete stealth. Activity logs can be delivered via email, or registered users can view detailed activity logs and images on hidden interface on monitored computer. Program can also block specified websites, applications, and programs, and employers can set up target watch lists.

Retina-X Studios, LLC - Litchfield Park, AZ

Original Press Release

Retina-X Studios Releases New Version of Spy Software Ideal for Monitoring Online Activity of Children and Employees

Press release date: Dec 11, 2012

New updates to AceSpy v6.5 include Windows 8 compatibility

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Retina-X Studios announces it has released AceSpy v6.5. The software records computer and Internet activities in complete stealth. The new version adds compatibility with Windows 8 computers and other minor updates. The software gives people the ability to monitor their child or employee's computer activity in complete stealth.

"From what we've seen, Windows 8 popularity is gaining speed," explains Craig Thompson, spokesperson of Retina-X Studios. "AceSpy is designed to work with Windows 8 and it will give parents the whole picture of what is taking place on the computer being monitored. It works in stealth mode in the background."

AceSpy v6.5 is compatible with computers running Windows. It will record everything that is done on the monitored computer, giving registered users the ability to monitor all activity at their convenience. Activity logs can be delivered to the parent via email. Additionally the parent can view detailed activity logs and images on a hidden interface on the computer being monitored.

The spy software will record Facebook activity, websites visited, documents opened, applications used, emails exchanged, actual screenshots and more. The software allows for blocking specified websites, applications, and programs. It even takes webcam snapshots, and records all chats, instant messages, and keystrokes typed. Parents or employers can also set up target watch lists, so that if particular words are used on the computer they will receive an instant notification message.

"The only way you can get more information about what people are doing on a Windows 8 computer would be to pull up a chair and sit next to them for the entire time they are using it," adds Thompson. "This program will silently record everything that is being done, while making it impossible for anyone except the parent to view. This program is popular with both parents who are looking to monitor and protect their children, and employers who would like to ensure company time is being used appropriately."

AceSpy v6.5 comes with a lifetime license for only $59.97. To learn more, or to purchase the spy software, visit the website at Also available for Mac OS.

About Retina-X Studios:
Retina-X Studios (RXS) designs and develops tools that let users monitor their individual computer, network or mobile devices. The monitoring tools help parents monitor their child or employee's technology usage. Retina-X Studios' products have been mentioned by The New York Times, CNN, Newsweek, USA Today and other media outlets. For more information on AceSpy or Retina-X Studios, visit the site at

Name: Craig Thompson
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