Sprue/Part Pliers work with end-of-arm tooling.

Press Release Summary:

Compatible with SAS’s modular End-of-Arm Tooling/Gripper System, Model GRZ 10…ST features single action spring return function and aggressive grooved tooth pattern that helps grippers turn and tighten sprues. Model GRZ 20-22/GRZ 20-22 C, featuring slimmer design, helps automate work in tight areas. Small, grooved teeth and increased force capabilities handle large and die-locked sprues and runners. Both are available with or without sensors and connectors.

Original Press Release:

SAS Automation Grips On To Part Plier Technology

KARLSRUHE  — SAS Automation, the leader in superior robotic End-of-Arm tooling (EOAT) and automation technology, is unveiling two new sprue/part pliers, including the GRZ 10…ST and the GRZ 20-22/GRZ 20-22 C. These sprue/part pliers are fully compatible with SAS’s modular EOAT/gripper system.

The GRZ 10…ST features a single action spring return function and an aggressive tooth pattern. The grooved tooth pattern helps EOAT grippers to securely grip, turn and tighten sprues. As an added convenience, this part is available with or without standard SAS sensors, and with or without connectors.

To help automate work done in tight work areas, the new GRZ 20-22/GRZ 20-22 C boasts a slimmer design, allowing companies to optimize their production processes. These parts features small, grooved teeth and offer increased force capabilities ideal for large and die-locked sprues and runners. The GRZ 20-22/GRZ 20-22 C pliers are also available with or without sensors and connectors. The GRZ 10…ST and GRZ 20-22/GRZ 20-22 C sprue/part pliers are a few of the many customized EOAT products designed by SAS Automation to meet the needs of customers from a number of industries, including automotive, food, plastics and palletizing. For more information on SAS Automation and its new End-of-Arm Tooling solutions, visit SAS-Automation.com.

SAS Automation provides superior end-of-arm tooling and automation technology to customers and suppliers around the world in a variety of industries, including food, automotive, metal handling, palletizing, and plastics. SAS Automation is one of the world’s largest suppliers of modular component-based robotic end-of-arm tooling and gripper systems.

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