Spring Testing System is designed for the automotive industry.

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SF1491 coil spring load center testing system is designed to measure true force line vector in suspension spring. Dual column, servo drive load frame with 11,250 lbf max capacity contains Eccentricity Measuring System, which has ability to determine center of load on top and bottom of spring, as well as side loads, to generate analysis of spring under load. Partner(TM) software manages and automates spring testing process while also offering real-time measurements and graphs.

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Instron® Announces its New SF1491 Motorized Spring Testing System

Instron®, a leading provider of testing equipment designed to evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components, introduces its SF1491 coil spring load center testing system. Designed to perform load center/force line testing on coil compression springs, the SF1491 is an advanced system designed specifically for the automotive industry to measure true force line vector in a suspension spring.

A dual column, servo drive load frame with a maximum capacity of 50 kN (11,250 lbf) contains the Eccentricity Measuring System (EMSY). With the ability to determine the center of load on the top and bottom of the spring, as well as side loads, the EMSY rapidly generates a complete analysis of the spring under load. Instron's advanced control electronics and software translate nine individual load signals into spring characteristics that can be used to design better springs for the automotive and other industries.

The system is controlled by Instron's Partner(TM) software, designed to manage and automate the entire spring testing process. Partner provides users with a fast, one-step testing mechanism and clear, color-coded results display. Data is collected continuously offering real-time measurements and graphs. Additionally, Partner software stores the data and results in a database for easy access from other corporate application software. Easy-to-use customizable reports are also available for hard copy results.

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