Spring Applied Brake operates over wide ambient range.

Press Release Summary:

Able to serve as emergency brake as well as holding brake, BXR safety brake produces 3.688–40.566 lb-ft brake torque, operates over ambient temperature range of 14 to 104°F, and comes in ODs from 3.287–7.280 in. Profile helps conserve space and weight in designs. Initially designed as safety brake for robotic arms, brake features internal springs that compress disk and hold rotational motion when power is disengaged from coil.

Original Press Release:

Miki Pulley Introduces the BXR Spring Applied Brake to US Market

Plymouth, Minnesota – Miki Pulley’s unique BXR Spring Applied Brakes continue to showcase versatility in space and weight savings.

The BXR safety brake may serve as an emergency brake, as well as a holding brake. This unique, low profile design is 2/3 the thickness of other brakes in the Miki lineup. Aside from saving space, weight is also dramatically reduced.

• Brake torque: 3.688 ft lb ~ 40.566 ft lb: (5N • m ~ 55N • m)

• Brake outer diameter: 3.287” ~ 7.280”; (83.5mm ~ 185mm)

• Ambient Temperature: 14 F ~ 104 F; (-10 °C ~ 40 °C)

The BXR was initially designed to be used as a safety brake for robotic arms.  When power is disengaged from the coil, internal springs compress the brake disk and hold rotational motion. This innovative design has been successfully used on other applications, such as a space-saving option for a servo-motor brake.

The photo above illustrates the mounting of a BXR on the output face of a servo-motor in conjunction with a timing belt pulley.  This can be an advantage when the overall assembly must be contained in a small envelope.  Smaller sizes are being developed, and will be available soon under the designation ‘BXR-LE’ (low energy).

For more information about Miki Pulley Brakes, call Jon Davidson at 1-800-533-1731 Email: jdavidson@zero-max.com  Miki Pulley US Sales Office, Zero-Max, 13200 Sixth Avenue North, Plymouth, Minnesota. Fax: 763-546-8260.

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