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Aug 04, 2011 - Offering open source alternative to Google Spreadsheets and Office 365, Sheetster Server PRO 4.0 is built on ExtenXLS Java Spreadsheet SDK, providing Excel compatibility. Program supports auto-complete formula functions, as well as cut, copy, and paste within Sheetster and between Excel and Sheetster, including ability to copy entire sheets between documents. Charting function, using scalable vector graphics, lets users embed live data charts and stylized tables into blogs and web pages.

Extentech, Inc. - San Francisco, CA

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Extentech Launches Sheetster Server PRO 4.0, Featuring Ability to Load and Store Spreadsheets Anywhere

Press release date: Jul 28, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, -- Extentech, a pioneer in the development of open source spreadsheet software and services, today announced the release of Sheetster Server PRO 4.0, the newest version of the first-ever open source web spreadsheet server. Sheetster 4.0 delivers full-featured online spreadsheet capabilities in a more cost effective, flexible and secure alternative to Google Spreadsheets and Office 365.

Created by developers for developers, Sheetster 4.0 features a totally redesigned interface to give users the ease of use and familiarity they know and love. Seamless fidelity with Excel files offers exceptional compatibility, while bringing the freedom of source code access, deployment options and data storage choices associated with open source software.

"This product encourages developers to really dig in and make it their own," said John McMahon, Extentech founder and CEO. "Sheetster PRO 4.0 offers the most flexible spreadsheet features and options with the greatest degree of business alignment, while enabling our customers to avoid getting locked into a desktop software package or a cloud-based 'walled garden.'"

While much of the work in Sheetster PRO 4.0 is highly architectural, the result provides a more dynamic and robust user experience with a comfortable and familiar spreadsheet user interface. Under the hood, the ExtenXLS Java Spreadsheet SDK engine gives users the highest level of Excel compatibility in a non-Microsoft product and offers exceptional performance and responsiveness with auto-complete formula functions, easy cut, copy, and paste within Sheetster and between Excel and Sheetster, including the ability to copy entire sheets between documents. Pluggable WebDAV, MindTouch and CMIS connectors offer unprecedented data storage options, while the new PowerList(TM) Technology allows users to generate convenient, customizable, stylized HTML lists from named ranges.

As for Charting and data visualizations, Sheetster PRO 4.0's Charting uses enhanced scalable vector graphics (SVG) output enabling users to embed customized, scalable and programmable live data charts and stylized tables into blogs and web pages. With SVG, the spreadsheet to PDF export option now offers support for charts.

"We've designed Sheetster to serve as the ultimate web spreadsheet solution, freeing users from the confines of the limitations imposed by other web spreadsheet offerings, while keeping it familiar and intuitive for the end-user," McMahon said.

Sheetster is fully compatible with Excel and other similar desktop programs and allows users the freedom to collaboratively edit, share, redistribute, embed, download and customize their spreadsheets without compromising data or being subjected to the limitations of other offerings. Sheetster Server PRO 4 also includes one full year of support for all point and version upgrades.

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About Sheetster Pro
Initially developed by John McMahon in 2006, Sheetster was the first open source web spreadsheet and server. Sheetster Pro offers the most cost effective, customizable and secure choice for businesses to manage, share and edit spreadsheets online.

About Extentech Extentech, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is a leading developer of Java integration and spreadsheet tools that help corporate decision makers, developers and business users maximize ROI by leveraging spreadsheets and Web 2.0 technologies. Founded in 1999, Extentech Inc. provides state-of-the-art spreadsheet automation, integration and business intelligence tools for IBM, JPMorgan, Accenture, Toyota and hundreds of companies worldwide.

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