Spray Foam comes in open- and closed-cell formulas.

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CertaSpray(TM) Foam Insulation sticks to surfaces, creates air seal, and can be used in whole house and building applications or in combination with fiber glass insulation, particularly in hard to reach areas such as cathedral ceilings, knee walls, and roof decks. By reducing air leakage, polyurethane spray foam minimizes hot and cold spots and maintains indoor air quality by impeding penetration of moisture and outdoor allergens.

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CertaSpray(TM) Foam Insulation Added to CertainTeed's Comprehensive Industry-Leading Line-Up of Insulation Products

VALLEY FORGE, Pa., May 12 - With the launch of CertaSpray(TM) Foam Insulation, CertainTeed Corporation now offers the building industry's most comprehensive line of insulation products needed to meet the growing demand for energy-efficient homes and buildings.

With a strong reputation for time-tested and trusted fiber glass insulation batts and rolls, groundbreaking premium blowing wool, innovative vapor retarder technology, as well as highly-regarded HVAC products, CertainTeed's new polyurethane spray foam plays a critical role in helping building professionals tailor solutions to meet specific needs.

Offered in both open- and closed-cell formulas, CertaSpray creates an air seal and can be used in whole house and building applications or in combination with fiber glass insulation, particularly in hard to reach areas such as cathedral ceilings, knee walls and roof decks. By reducing air leakage, CertaSpray minimizes hot and cold spots and provides outstanding comfort and indoor air quality by impeding the penetration of moisture and outdoor allergens.

"In expanding our product line into the rapidly growing spray foam segment, building professionals now have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of high-quality insulation products from a company and brand they trust," says Howard Deck, President of CertainTeed's Insulation Group. Consisting of a two-component foam insulation, CertaSpray is sprayed into a building cavity and quickly expands to fill every opening that can potentially leak air. The open-cell formula expands to create a soft, flexible insulation, and the closed-cell formula results in a hard, rigid consistency that provides added structural integrity to walls.

"Compared to other spray foam insulation products, CertaSpray sticks to surfaces and stays put, making roof deck and cathedral ceiling applications much easier and with less waste," says Mike Allen, a manager at Suncoast Insulators of Citrus County, Fla. "When adding CertaSpray insulation to existing houses, homeowners appreciate the absence of a strong odor, which, with other products, can linger for more than a week."

CertaSpray can be used in a wide variety of applications, including interior and exterior walls, cathedral ceilings, roof decks, stairways and around windows, doors, plumbing and recessed lighting. The product is only installed by CertainTeed qualified contractors in order to achieve the most rigorous quality standards and helps meet the requirements of an ENERGY STAR® home.

"Since becoming a qualified CertaSpray contractor, we have helped more than 100 new homeowners ensure their home's energy efficiency through the use of CertaSpray insulation," added Allen. "Once they have seen how the product works and how tightly the insulation seals their home, they are absolutely thrilled that they made the investment."

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