Sprague-Goodman Sapphire Pistoncap® Trimmer Caps Qualified

November, 2007, Westbury, NY -- Sprague-Goodman Electronics, Inc. of Westbury, NY, USA, has received notification from the Defense Logistics Agency that it has successfully qualified four configurations of its sapphire dielectric trimmer capacitors to the specifications of the current issue of MIL-PRF-14409. The parts are listed on Qualified Parts List (QPL) 14409 with government designations starting with PC21, PC22, PC23 and PC24. Sprague-Goodman is currently the only manufacturer qualified to supply these designs. There are four capacitance ranges for each of the PC series:

1) For 0.3 to 1.2 pF, the designation ends with J1R2.
2) For 0.4 to 2.5 pF, the designation ends with J2R5
3) For 0.6 to 4.5 pF, the designation ends with J4R5
4) For 0.8 to 8.0 pF, the designation ends with K080

Sapphire trimmer capacitors are extremely stable over temperature, frequency and voltage range and are ideal for applications in stable oscillators, frequency multipliers, filters, tuning cavities and antenna matching, among others. The design offers precise high resolution adjustment. Rated voltage is 500 VDC and the Dielectric withstanding voltage is 1 kV DC. The operating temperature range is -55° C to + 125° C.
Pricing at the 1,000 piece quantity ranges from $8.26 to $11.74. Initial quantities are available from stock. For additional information see: http://www.spraguegoodman.com/207/207c.html.

Marty Markson
at Sprague-Goodman
Tel: 516-334-8700, ext. 20,
e-mail: mmarkson@spraguegoodman.com

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