SPM Instrument AB Presents VibChecker

SPM Instrument AB, Sweden, now presents a new portable instrument for on-site vibration measurement and assessment. VibChecker is a cost-effective and user friendly addition to the SPM line of entry-level instruments for condition monitoring, where BearingChecker for bearing measurement is already a successful member.

Vibration monitoring is the most widely used preventive maintenance technique in industry. Regular vibration measurements give early warning of developing machine problems and help prevent premature replacement of machine parts. VibChecker is a maintenance tool aimed primarily at customers looking for a handy instrument for simple vibration checks, but with built-in FFT capabilities, it is also an efficient tool for troubleshooting.

With VibChecker, vibration monitoring no longer needs to be a question of cost or expertise. Periodic vibration checks are easily done with this light-weight, portable instrument. Reliable and accurate vibration information is delivered in a matter of seconds. Its durable and ergonomic design and user friendly interface makes VibChecker the perfect maintenance companion for plant mechanics, machine operators and maintenance technicians.

VibChecker combines easy button operation with compact size and a straightforward user interface. The instrument has an internal probe and connector for external ICP transducers. It is capable of displacement, velocity and acceleration RMS and ISO 2372/10816 measurement over the 10-1000 Hz frequency range. VibChecker boasts very fast vibration measurement and built-in FFT functions. Readings are immediately and automatically evaluated according to established ISO standards. Results can be displayed in various ways, including a 200-line spectrum.

Accessories include a comfort grip protective sleeve and a small portable MEMS transducer with magnetic foot, convenient for measurement in narrow spaces. VibChecker will also be available in EX version for use in potentially explosive environments.

"The introduction of this instrument is in line with our efforts to promote condition-based maintenance by offering products for users at every level. VibChecker is ideal for both novice and experienced users and we are confident that it will find its way into maintenance departments everywhere", says Mikael Lindfors, Manager of Business Solutions at SPM Instrument.

VibChecker will hit markets in September 2009.

For further information, please contact:
Mikael Lindfors,
Manager of Business Solutions,
SPM Instrument AB
Telephone +46 (0)152-225 00

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