Spline Wrenches have Anti-Slip Design on open ends.

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Capable of turning square, 6 pt, 12 pt, spline, and external torx®, 7 spline box wrenches and 15 spline combination wrenches are designed for high tensile strength spline fasteners used in military and commercial aircraft as well as heavy machinery. Anti-Slip Design helps prevent unit from slipping off fastener when turning. With corrosion resistant finishing, unit meets ASME, military, and aerospace specifications.

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Stanley-Proto Introduces Spline Combination Wrenches

New wrenches expand on Proto's already extensive line of spline tools.

Conyers, GA, June 22, 2009 - Stanley Proto has broadened its spline wrench offerings with the addition of seven new Spline Box Wrenches and 15 new Spline Combination Wrenches. The new tools complement Proto's already extensive line of spline sockets, ratcheting spline box wrenches, and ratcheting spline combination wrenches.

Like all Proto spline wrenches, the new offerings are designed for the high tensile strength spline fasteners used in military and commercial aircraft, as well as in some heavy machinery. When used on a spline fastener the geometric profile of the wrench's teeth provides a large contact area between tool and fastener. This lets the user apply more torque for a given fastener size than can be applied to a standard 6- or 12-point hex. This extra torque reduces the chance that the fastener will be loosened by vibration. The precise fit between the tool and the fastener means fewer lost fasteners, and less chance of foreign object damage (FOD) to machinery.

Spline wrenches can also be used to turn square, 6pt, 12pt, spline, and external torx®. They can even turn fasteners with slightly rounded corners. That makes them a versatile tool for any technician.

In addition, the new wrenches' open ends feature Proto's patented Anti-Slip Design (ASD). The patented locking grooves help prevent the wrench from slipping off the fastener when turning. The arched surfaces are designed to spread the contact forces over a greater area. Loads are kept off the corners of the fastener, which helps prevent fastener rounding.

The new tools have an easy to clean full polish finish for corrosion resistance, and are manufactured to meet specific portions of ASME, military and aerospace specifications.

About Stanley-Proto

Stanley Proto Industrial Tools has been making durable, high-quality hand tools for over 100 years, having grown from a small machine shop to a worldwide supplier. Our tools are developed according to strict ergonomic standards, with features that let users work faster and easier, including enhanced shock absorption and reduced slip. Markets including auto, steel, and airplane manufacturing plants, chemical plants, refineries, general manufacturing, transportation, and fleet maintenance for trucking, transit, and aircraft.

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