Splicing Irons/Kits enable in-field expansion joint repair.

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Splicing irons, used for making emergency in-field repairs of non-metallic expansion joints, are available individually or as part of professional splicing kit. Latter includes splicing iron (P38), stapler, staples, spray adhesive, PFA splice film, spare fuses, splice rubbing block, scissors, and instruction manual. For protection and portability, all items are stored in watertight, dust-tight, foam-lined Pelican case.

Original Press Release:

Splicing Irons and Full Professional Kits for Splicing or Patching Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

PAPCO Industries offers an array of splicing products and tools for making emergency repairs of non-metallic expansion joints in the field. These special tools can be ordered as individual items or in standard or professional repair kits. Splicing irons are sold individually or as part of a professional splicing kit. The professional splicing kit includes the following: splicing iron (P38); stapler; staples; spray adhesive; PFA splice film; spare fuses; splice rubbing block; scissors; and an instruction manual. All the items are stored in a watertight, dust-tight, foam-lined "Pelican" case. Cold splice compounds for EPDM elastomer and fluoroelastomers (FKM) are also available, as is PFA splicing film needed to hot-splice PTFE laminated belts. In addition to the splicing products, PAPCO's technicians can be dispatched to perform splicing and patching services on site. They also conduct training courses on emergency splicing and patching so that repairs can be made by end user personnel. A splice kit data sheet is available from PAPCO Industries. For more information call 201-767-9051, Fax: 201-767-7870 or visit www.papcoindustries.com (http://www.papcoindustries.com).

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