Spindle Seal suits new and retrofit applications.

Press Release Summary:

Universal AirShield(TM) features precision machined steel housing and Viton lip seal. It provides tangential air purge system for dynamic and static protection. Constant air flow creates near frictionless seal between bearing cap and spindle shaft to protect front and rear bearings. Seal eliminates spindle failure due to bearing contamination from coolant ingress and condensation, contamination, and chip damage.

Original Press Release:

SETCO Introduces New Universal AirShield(TM) Spindle Seal for Use in Retrofit and New Spindle Applications

CINCINNATI, OH (August 2, 2002) -SETCO introduces a new compact version of AirShield(TM) spindle seals for use in tight quarter and spindle rebuild applications. Designated the Universal AirShield, the new, improved compact version provides the patented tangential air purge system for both dynamic and static protection, and the same protection that has eliminated spindle failures due to bearing contamination from coolant ingress and condensation, contamination, and chip damage.

The Universal AirShield provides a precision machined steel housing that encases the Viton lip seal and allows the AirShield to be produced with a smaller cross section- a perfect retrofit seal for spindle rebuild applications or confined space new spindle applications.

Initially, the Universal AirShield will be offered in sizes to fit a variety of spindle brands, and will be produced in 5 mm increments for use in any size spindle applications. The Universal AirShield can be used to retrofit many Inpro VBX and MiniMaze seal applications.

The compact AirShield provides the same sealing qualities as the original AirShield, as proven by extensive testing. And with more than 800 AirShield-equipped spindles in the field, some running more than 34,000 hours over four years without
failure, the AirShield continues to perform with zero failure.

While eliminating bearing contamination due to high pressure coolant spray, the leading cause of spindle failure, the AirShield also significantly increases spindle uptime and part throughput while reducing spindle maintenance cost and manufacturing costs.

The results are so conclusive that SETCO offers a 3-year limited seal warranty on new SETCO spindles and the best spindle seal system available today. Double protection, dynamic and static, and three times the warranty!

Complete details, including technical data and cross-section illustrations, about the revolutionary design of the AirShield can be found in a new four-page, full color brochure now available from SETCO.

Awarded three U.S. patents with others pending, the AirShield works at any attitude, supports any duty cycle, and can be applied to confined high-pressure spray coolant environments. Rubbing or labyrinth seal designs simply do not provide the
protection the AirShield offers.

The AirShield utilizes a constant air flow to create a near frictionless seal between the bearing cap and the spindle shaft to protect the front and rear bearings. With a stationary lip seal to seal out contaminants, the AirShield design is simple, maintenance-free and has no moving parts to wear out. It requires only standard clean and dry shop air for 100 percent protection against bearing contamination.

For proper operation, 10-15 psi air pressure is required any time the spindle is rotating and exposed to heavy contamination. AirShield spindles are equipped with two independent inlet ports: one supplying air to the front end and one for the rear. As air enters the spindle, a unique tangential air purge system equalizes and disperses the air within the spindle.

Equalized air gradually escapes by gently lifting the seal from its contact surface. As the spindle is subjected to high-pressure coolant spray, the forces narrow the escaping air path causing increased backpressure and further increase the effectiveness of the AirShield.

Unlike positive internal pressure (PIP) air seal systems, the AirShield design does not inhibit spindle bearing lubrication.

SETCO Sales Company is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and service of SETCO brand precision spindles and MASTER/SETCO brand precision slides and flexible modules used in automotive, aerospace, construction, die/mold, cabling and
winding, plastics, woodworking, and general metalworking industries.

For more information about how the Universal AirShield can meet your toughest manufacturing challenges or to obtain a copy of the AirShield brochure, visit IMTS Booth #4609 or contact the SETCO Sales Company, 5880 Hillside Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45233. Phone: 800-543-0470. Fax: 513-941-6913. Web site: www.setcousa.com.

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