Spindle Drive Gearbox supports 2-speed operation.

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Designed for in-line integration inside ram between motor and spindle, RAM High Torque allows electronic sensors to be located outside gearbox to simplify maintenance. Five sizes are available, and torque transmission ratings - 800, 1,000, 1,500, 2,500, and 7,000 Nm - lend to performance of machine tools employed in roughing work. Lack of internal electronics promotes reliability, and external housings offset locations of all electronic sensors to hasten detector replacement.

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Two-Speed Spindle Drive Gearbox - RAM High Torque

REDEX-ANDANTEX stands out with a complete range of spindle drive gearboxes designed for the highest-performance machine-tools, but also with outstanding torque transmission capacity. The new RAM High Torque has been designed for full in-line integration inside the ram between the motor and the spindle. This allows the electronic sensors to be located outside the gearbox, while simplifying maintenance operations.

A new design produced in cooperation with market-leading manufacturers which considerably improves spindle gearbox performance and reliability

This new range of two-speed gearboxes includes five sizes. The torque transmitted in the low-speed configuration is nearly twice the torque obtained by the previous generation, which was itself usually market-leading performance. The range comprises the following models: 190 (800 N.m), 220 (1000 N.m), 250 (1500 N.m), 280 (2500 N.m) and 350 (7000 N.m).

The exceptional transmitted torque has an obvious incidence on the performance of machine-tools in roughing work.

The torque improvement is the consequence of a completely new design of the core of the gearbox, i.e. the gear train. Distribution of the torque capacity over each component of the new transmission system is optimized. This innovative design allows transmission of substantially higher torque.

The RAM High Torque contains no internal electronics, improving reliability and simplifying maintenance.

External housings have nevertheless been designed to offset the locations of all the electronic sensors used for spindle applications. This means that detector replacement no longer necessitates several hours of disassembly.

Speed change actuation is hydraulic, so that the pressure circuits routinely available on all types of machine-tool can be used.

The two-speed gearboxes are built into the ram, in line between the water-cooled motor and the tool drive spindle. This means that the RAM High Torque can easily use the same coolant feed as the motor, and the lubrication circuit already installed for the spindle.

The design features a particularly large-diameter (28 to 54 mm) hollow main shaft, capable of accommodating a hydraulic draw bar as well as easy flow of high-pressure cutting lubricant for swarf removal directly at the tool.

As in the case of built-in motors, the design of the new RAM High Torque also avoids any redundancy of bearings on the shaft line, eliminating any alignment and/or overheating problems and increasing the overall reliability of the solution.

The assembly configuration of the RAM High Torque facilitates integration and maximizes efficiency while minimizing vibration and noise.

Despite very high speeds, vibration and noise are reduced to a minimum by precise dynamic balancing of the rotating components. Low angular play of 15' for a 1:1 ratio and 20' in reduction ensures position control during tool changes.

In addition, the ISO 5 quality gears are fully treated and ground, further improving noise and vibration levels and giving extremely high-performance efficiency levels.

These characteristics enable the RAM High Torque to attain very high rotation speeds (up to 12,000 rpm for the small sizes), essential for obtaining high-quality surface states in finishing operations. Even the largest sizes can attain speeds of up to 8,000 rpm.

REDEX ANDANTEX, headquartered in Ferrieres, France, employs 320 persons and has three production sites in Europe and North America (Andantex USA). More than 75% of sales are generated outside France.

Technological progress, a commitment to quality and exceptional technical support are the fundamental values of REDEX ANDANTEX.

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