Spider Engineers Custom Solution for New Construction in Bellevue, Washington

Seattle - Spider, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, provided a custom suspended access solution for installation of window walls on the new 16- story Centre 425 commercial office facility in Bell evue, Washington.

All New Glass, Inc. required an access solution that would enable its crews to work on three faces of the building simultaneously. Additionally, the contractors required that the equipment’s footprint on the rooftop be minimal to enable other trades to continue working safely, effectively, and according to the rigorous construction timeline. Spider engineered a custom rigging solution, securing 8-ft outrigger beams directly into the rooftop’s 14-ft tall mechanical screen wall to eliminate the need for counterweights and a complex maze of tieback cables. Ten swing stages, ranging in length from 30 to 40 ft each, powered by SC1000 traction hoists , and equipped with walk-thru stirrups, were suspended from these outriggers, maximizing the customer’s productivity on the jobsite.

“On the Centre 425 project, we recognized the opportunity to utilize a custom swing stage system that would minimize moves and virtually eliminate impact to other trades,” commented Joe Martel, Project Executive with All New Glass, Inc. “Spider’s team was instrumental in turning the opportunity into reality by providing engineered solutions, quick pricing, and the ability to meet the project schedule.”

Spider’s equipment is expected to be on-site for the 8-month duration of the window wall installation.

About Spider : Founded in 1947, Spider, a division of SafeWorks, created the powered suspended access business by introducing the well- known Spider basket. Since then, our product and service offering has expanded greatly to serve the needs of an ever-growing marketplace. Spider is the largest manufacturer an d distributor of access and safety solutions in North America, serving more customers from more locations with a wider variety of products and services than any other company. Fr om baskets, traction hoist and platform rental, to safety and training, to specialty-engineered products - Spider has a strong team of professionals, along with a national network of sales, service and support capabilities to provide you with the most reliable access solutions available.

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