Spence Strainers International Announces FM Approved Double Door Check Valves

Spence Strainers International, of Walden, NY, announces FM (Factory Mutual) approval of their Model 125WT, ASME Class 125, cast iron, double door check valves in size 2 inch through 10 inch. FM approved products provide the highest quality of fire and environmental hazard protection of commercial property. The 125WT Series double door check valves prevent severe water hammer from the backflow of a pressure tank when automatic controls shut down a fire pump.

Spence Strainers International also offers ASME Class 125, 150, 300 and 600 double door check valves in cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel, in sizes 2 inch through 24 inch, for pressures to 1480 PSIG and temperatures to 600°F. These double door wafer body check valves are compactly designed to fit between FF and RF flanges and are available with bronze or stainless steel disc with Buna-N, Viton or Metal seats. Spence double door check valves are ideal for liquid and gas service applications in the industrial process, power, water, waste water, pulp and paper industries.

Spence Strainers International is an ISO 9001, ASME and ASME "U" Stamp certified manufacturer of fabricated and cast Y, basket and Tee strainers, duplex and automatic backwash strainers, temporary strainers, silent and dual disc check valves, foot valves, butterfly valves, suction diffusers, triple duty valves and expansion joints.

Contact information:
Matthew Mullen,
Marketing Coordinator
Spence Engineering Company, Inc.
150 Coldenham Road
Walden, NY 12586
Tel: 800-398-2493
Email: sales@spencestrainers.com
Web: www.spencestrainers.com

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