Speed Regulator improves tube drilling operations.

Press Release Summary:

Configured for tube or clevis drilling, Skipchek® delivers controlled feed, followed by fast skip, and returns to controlled feed. Skip distance is not adjustable and engineered to meet application demands. Able to be configured to drill through more than 2 walls, leak-proof product is available in ½, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 in. stroke lengths with max capacity of 1,200 lb. It eliminates need to use 2 drill motors drilling on opposite sides of tube, producing perfectly aligned holes.

Original Press Release:

Deschner Corporation Offers The "Skipchek® Speed Regulator to Dramatically Improve Tube Drilling Operations

Santa Ana, California, March, 2009 -- The latest speed regulator from the Deschner line of products-- the SKIPCHEK® model Kinechek - is being offered by Deschner Corporation, headquartered in Santa Ana, California.

According to Frank Solis, President, the Skipchek was developed to meet customer requests that their popular Kinechek® speed regulators be configured for tube or clevis drilling to deliver a controlled feed, followed by a fast "skip" then returning to a controlled feed. No more drilling air! The skip distance is non adjustable and is engineered to meet each customers application and can be configured to drill through more than two walls.

"Customers involved in high volume tube drilling are amazed at the amount of time they save using the Skipchek" Says Mr. Solis.

The use of the Skipchek also eliminates the need to use two drill motors drilling on opposite sides of the tube, thereby producing perfectly aligned holes faster, and with less maintenance.

Leak proof and fully adjustable, Skipchek model Kinecheks are available in ½ inch,1 inch, 2 inch,3 inch,4 inch and 6 inch stroke lengths with a maximum capacity of 1200 lbs.

Skipcheks are part of an extensive line of Kinechek model speed regulators and offer the same patented, leak proof performance as the original SLIMLINE Kinecheks.

Down loadable PDF files containing Skipchek specifications can also be accessed from the Deschner website. Deschner Corporation is the originator of the Cushioneer® brand patented leak-proof shock absorber and Kinechek brand leak-proof speed regulator and related products. For further information please visit www.DESCHNER.COM or Email: INFO@DESCHNER.COM.

Cushioneers, Skipcheks and Kinecheks are registered trademarks of Deschner Corporation.

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