Speed Reducers have quick connect coupling system.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for applications with aggressive washdown, heavy shock loading, or frequent motor changes, QC 700 Series worm gear speed reducers have clean NEMA flange design that eliminates contamination during washdown process. Quick connect coupling system enables motor to connect and disconnect from reducer without requiring large alignment hole in NEMA flange. QC 700 coupling connects to motor shaft with standard Allen wrench.

Original Press Release:

New QC 700 Series Speed Reducers with "Quick Connect" Coupling System Sets Boston Gear Apart from Competition

· Eliminates contamination during washdown process
· Patent pending design reduces assembly time by 85 percent
· The most compact coupling-mounted speed reducer on the market

QUINCY, Mass. - June 9, 2004 - Boston Gear launches the new QC 700 Series as part of its offering of worm gear speed reducers. Designed for applications that experience aggressive washdown, heavy shock loading or frequent motor changes, the QC 700 Series utilizes a patent pending "quick connect" coupling system that enables the motor to connect and disconnect from the reducer without the need for a large coupling alignment hole in the NEMA flange.

"The QC 700 Series, featuring the "quick connect" coupling and clean NEMA flange design, eliminates the threat of contamination," says Ralph Whitley, vice president of engineering, Boston Gear. "The alignment hole in the flange, found on most competitive models of coupling-mounted speed reducers, lets in water and cleaning solutions during washdown. This causes fretting corrosion and makes the separation of the motor and speed reducer difficult."

Designed with OEM's in Mind
A second challenge of existing coupling-mounted speed reducers is that the flange is much longer than traditional quill flanges, posing a challenge to OEM's who are always very space conscious. The unique design of the QC 700 Series significantly reduces the flange length, allowing all the benefits of a coupling-mounted speed reducer without displacing valuable design space.

Easy Installation and Less Downtime
Connecting the motor with the QC 700 Series speed reducers is as easy as with a standard quill mount (speed reducer). The entire QC coupling is connected to the motor shaft with a standard Allen wrench. The motor and the reducer are then simply brought together, the coupling self-aligns onto the reducer's input shaft, and the motor and reducer flange can then be bolted together without any additional adjustment to either coupling half. Field test sites for the QC 700 Series speed reducers report an 85 percent reduction in assembly time, with some sites reporting the ability to assemble the motor and reducer in as quickly as seven seconds.

Benefits of a Coupling Mounted System - Without Fear of Contamination
"Food processors who use aggressive washdown - including meat and poultry processors, meat packers, freshcut vegetable processors and seafood processors - often complain about the difficulty in removing and separating the motor and speed reducer once the motor fails," says John F. Krotzer, market manager for food processing, Boston Gear. "Couplings offer a good solution to this problem, but our research into these markets indicated three issues remained: washdown solution getting into the flange and corroding the coupling, motor changeover requiring too much downtime, and the flange being too long. With the QC 700 Series, Boston Gear has again listened to the needs of our customers and provided a unique solution."

For more information about Boston Gear, contact the company at 14 Hayward St, Quincy, MA 02171 or call (888) 999-9860. Readers also can visit the company's Web site at www.bostongear.com.

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