Speed Control provides precise airflow regulation.

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Designed for use with any AC fan or fan tray, OA11/22 dual-channel phase control unit lets user control fan speed for single or multiple fan assemblies. This 120/220 Vac, field-adjustable unit lets engineer specify and control fan noise, speed, and air delivery according to application requirements. Four user-adjustable speeds – off, low, medium, and high – maximize control and flexibility with minimal setup time. Areas of use include medical, industrial, networking, and telecom applications.

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Orion Fans Develops Speed Controllers to Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs

Low-cost OA11/22 speed control units deliver adjustable AC fan control for single or multiple fan assemblies...

DALLAS, TX – Orion Fans has expanded its fan control product offering to include new speed control units that provide precise airflow control. The field adjustable OA11/22 dual channel phase control unit allows the user to control fan speed for single or multiple fan assemblies. The OA11/22 speed control units are designed for use with any AC fan or fan tray.

This 120/220 VAC speed control unit efficiently allows an application engineer to specify and control fan noise, speed and air delivery precisely according to specific application requirements.

Four user adjustable speeds (off, low, medium and high) allow for maximum control and flexibility with minimum setup time. The OA11/22 speed control unit is specially designed with fan trays and equipment racks in mind, where noise versus airflow needs to be controlled according to immediate needs.

"Our new speed control unit gives users the ability to control airflow for a bank of fan trays or set of fans so they can set fan speed at the desired level to cool the application. This also enables users to limit noise and reduce energy consumption and cost," said David Luna, VP of Marketing for Orion Fans.

The OA11/22 speed control unit is well suited for medical, industrial, networking and telecom applications.

For more information about Orion Fans’ new speed control unit, go to http://www.orionfans.com/products/accessories

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Orion Fans, a division of Knight Electronics, Inc. is an ISO9001/2008 global manufacturer of standard and custom AC and DC fans, fan accessories, fan trays, and blowers. Established in 1995, Orion Fans supplies quality engineered and competitively priced cooling products and assemblies to OEMs worldwide. The company has engineering and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia.


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