Spectrophotometer scans from 190 to 1100 nm.

Press Release Summary:

GENESYS(TM) 6 features 1.8 nm spectral bandwidth dual detector, split-beam optical system, 6-position automatic cell holder, and xenon lamp. It scans at speeds between 10 and 2,000 nm/min at sampling intervals down to 0.1 nm. Built-in programs run Standard Curve, Absorbance Ratio, Absorbance Difference, Scanning, Kinetics, and Multiwavelength applications. Parallel output enables printouts to variety of HP PCL desktop printers.

Original Press Release:

Thermo Spectronic introduces the GENESYS(TM) 6 Scanning Spectrophotometer

Rochester, New York, USA, February 2002 - Thermo Spectronic, A Thermo Electron business, has recently launched the GENESYS 6 Scanning Spectrophotometer; high-performance optics at an affordable price.

The GENESYS 6 spectrophotometer features a 1.8nm spectral bandwidth dual-detector, split-beam optical system for optimal performance, with a long-lasting xenon lamp for outstanding signal-to-noise ratio and negligible drift. It scans from 190 - 1100nm at speeds between 10 - 2,000nm/min at sampling intervals down to 0.1 nm.

The instruments contain built-in programs to run Standard Curve, Absorbance Ratio, Absorbance Difference, Scanning, Kinetics and Multiwavelength applications. In addition the Performance Validation program will automatically measure the instrument optical performance for four key optical parameters. A unique SmartStart(TM) feature allows users to personalize their instrument to meet their needs. All programs operate in any of five languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

The instrument includes a 6-position automatic cell holder; a wide variety of other sample holders make the instrument flexible for a variety of applications. A parallel output enables printouts to a wide variety of HP PCL desktop printers. A cell correction routine is available that is a part of all data acquisition programs. This routine automatically corrects for optical inconsistencies in up to six unmatched cuvettes for up to 31 wavelengths and one full-range scan. It features a rugged design, powerful optics, user-friendly interface, versatile software capabilities, small footprint, and an optional built-in printer.

Thermo Spectronic, a Thermo Electron business, is a manufacturer of UV-Visible spectrophotometers, fluorometers, and FRENCH® Pressure cell disruption equipment. Their portfolio of UV-Visible spectrophotometers includes such world-renowned brands as SPECTRONIC®, GENESYS(TM), UV Series, Helios, and AquaMate. Thermo Spectronic's instruments are in various markets throughout the world including industrial, life science, education, food, water/waste water, pharmaceuticals, petroleum and biomedical.

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