Spectrophotometer provides control and analysis.

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Modular RS System makes transmission, absorbance, reflectance, and fixed-wavelength fluorescence measurements in VIS-NIR spectrum of 375 nm to 1700 nm. WinRS software includes: Quick Read Mode, for immediate sample readings; Timebase Reading Mode, to monitor chemical reactions; Concentration Mode, for reading concentration of samples; and Wavelength Scanning Mode, with 1st and 2nd derivatives, peak pick, peak integration and data smoothing.

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Modular Spectrophotometer & Supporting Software


Ayer, Massachusetts, - 4 March 2002 -Optometrics LLC is pleased to announce the availability of a new Modular Recording Spectrophotometer for the educational and research markets.

The RS System provides unique flexibility for spectrophotometric transmission, absorbance, reflectance and fixed wavelength fluorescence measurements in the VIS-NIR spectrum (375 nm to 1700 nm). Both the monochromator and detector can be changed to optimize the system for a particular application. The large sample chamber provides ample room for traditional and novel experimentation.

The WinRS software includes:
- Quick Read Mode for immediate sample readings
- Wavelength Scanning Mode including 1st and 2nd derivatives, peak pick, peak integration and data smoothing
- Timebase Reading Mode to monitor chemical reactions against time. Includes calculation of reaction rate using linear fit
- Concentration Mode for direct reading of concentration of samples using a standard curve or calculation factor
- Other software features include storage of instrument parameter setup files, data storage and report printouts in both graphical and tabular formats.

For more information, contact Optometrics at sales@optometrics.com Optometrics can also be reached by telephone at (978) 772-1700 or fax at (978) 772-0017.

Optometrics LLC is a worldwide supplier of high quality optical components including gratings, lenses, filters, laser optics, monochromators, and specialized optical systems and software. Optometrics' web address is: www.optometrics.com.

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