Spectrometer expands into spectrophotometric system.

Press Release Summary:

USB2000 incorporates 3 accessories to enable its users to expand it into complete spectrophotometric system. Optimized for measurements from 390-900 nm, Direct-Attach Accessories combine application-specific sampling chamber with light source in small all-in-one package. USB-ISS-T model is designed for use with 12 mm OD test tubes. USB-ISS-VIS and USB-FHS hold 1 cm square cuvettes and 1 in. or 2 in. square/round filters, respectively.

Original Press Release:

Direct-Attach Accessories Transform Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometers Into Complete Spectrophotometric Systems

Dunedin, Fla., November 2001 - Three new accessories from Ocean Optics enable users of the popular USB2000 to expand the spectrometer into a complete spectrophotometric system. Engineered specifically for the USB2000 Spectrometer, USB2000 Direct-Attach Accessories combine an application-specific sampling chamber with a light source to provide maximum performance in a remarkably small all-in-one package. The USB-ISS-VIS model is designed for use with 1-cm square cuvettes, while the USB-ISS-T and USB-FHS hold 12-mm OD test tubes and 1" or 2" square/round filters, respectively.

Optimized for measurements from 390-900 nm, the USB2000 Direct-Attach Accessories connect to the front of a USB2000 Spectrometer. The integrated attachments draw power from the spectrometer when it is plugged into a PC's USB port; external power supplies are not required. The self-contained tungsten bulb/violet LED light source eliminates the need for external light sources and additional fiber optic cable inputs and outputs.

USB2000 Direct-Attach Accessories are products of Ocean Optics' commitment to a modular design philosophy. Available for $499 each, a USB2000 Direct Attach Accessory can be combined with the USB2000 Spectrometer and other Ocean Optics' products to assemble a complete spectrophotmetric system for under $3,000.

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