SPE Device removes Palladium species from organic solutions.

Press Release Summary:

PL-Thiol MP SPE removes Palladium (0) and (ll) species from variety of organic solvents. It can reduce solutions with palladium concentration of 1,000 ppm in water, THF, and DMF to less than 0.1 ppm after one pass under gravity drain. Polymeric SPE media is designed to be self-indicating when Palladium species are present, identifying when device is nearing capacity. Monodisperse macroporous polymeric SPE material can be used from pH 1-14.

Original Press Release:

Polymer Laboratories (PL) has Launched a New SPE Product for Effective Removal of Palladium Species from Organic Solutions, PL-Thiol MP SPE.

Effective Removal of Palladium by SPE

Polymer Laboratories (PL) has launched a new SPE product for effective removal of Palladium species from organic solutions, PL-Thiol MP SPE.

Part of PL's StratoSpheresTM range of polymeric resins and SPE devices, this is a Thiol functionalized device which is highly effective at removing Palladium (0) and (ll) species from a variety of organic solvents. The scavenging of Pd (0) and (ll) species is effective in a broad range of solvents. Solutions with a palladium concentration of 1000 ppm in Water, THF and DMF were successfully reduced to <0.1 ppm after just one pass through the SPE device under gravity drain. The StratoSpheres PL-Thiol MP SPE product can remove Palladium down to trace, or even zero, levels, potentially.

The polymeric SPE media is specially designed to be self indicating when Palladium species are present, thus clearly identifying when the device is nearing its capacity.

This Thiol SPE product is a monodisperse macroporous polymeric SPE material offering a higher loading compared to conventional functionalized silica SPE media. PL's StratoSpheres SPE products are compatible with all polar and non-polar, protic and aprotic, solvents and can be used from pH 1-14.


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