Space-Ray To Show its Unique Tube Integrity Safety System(TM) For Its Line of Positive Pressure Low Intensity Tube Heaters at the 2009 AHR Expo®, January 26-28, 2009 in Chicago, IL Booth #1313

CHARLOTTE, N.C. --- Space-Ray Infrared Heaters will show a new line of positive pressure low intensity tube heaters with patent-pending Innovative Tube Integrity Safety System(TM) (TISS) that provides building owners with the ultimate in fire safety protection at the 2009 AHR Expo®, January 26-28, 2009, Booth #1313 at the McCormack Center in Chicago.

The AHR Expo® is the world's largest HVAC&R industry show where leading manufacturers display the latest HVAC&R systems, equipment, components, related products and services.

Available in eight models and over 100 different configurations, the new PTS/PTU Series Tube Heaters from Space-Ray have capacities ranging from 40,000 BTU/Hr to 200,000 BTU/Hr and minimum mounting heights of 10 to 18 feet. The heaters are ideal for retrofitting existing push through systems and are certified for vented (sidewall or through the roof venting) or indirect vented operations, depending on application requirements.

CSA-Certified, the PTS/PTU tube heaters come in natural or propane gas and use positive pressure to push products of combustion through the heavy-duty calorized aluminized or alumatherm steel combustion chamber.

According to Space-Ray, the unique TISS(TM) System provides the user with peace of mind. With this system, a low voltage circuit continuously monitors the clearance between the reflectors and the ceiling for excessive heat and tube integrity compromise. If the heat increases due to heat exchanger failure, the wire melts, the safety circuit is broken and the gas controls shut down.

"We decided that if we introduced a positive pressure system, that we would take steps to assure the integrity of the system and provide the ultimate in fire safety protection for positive pressure radiant tube heaters," noted Bob Genisol, Vice President of Space-Ray. "We wanted a system that was safer than any positive pressure heater on the market."

The PTS/PTU heaters come in a choice of one-stage or two-stage input controls for added flexibility and a totally enclosed burner box that places all the power, thermostat and gas connection in one central location for easier installation and maintenance. By being fully enclosed, the noise level of the heaters is below 60 dB(A), making them ideal for applications where minimal noise is desired.

Designed for use mainly in complete building heating, the PTS Series heaters are available in Straight, L-Shaped, Z-Shaped or expanded U-Shaped configurations. In contrast, the PTU Series heaters, designed to use for high heat loss areas and spot heating, are available in seven different "U" shaped configurations that assure uniform radiant heat energy distribution.

Other Space-Ray Radiant Heaters Also Shown

Besides the new PTS/PTU Series heaters and the unique TISS(TM) for additional safety for
building owners, Space-Ray will also have information available at AHR Expo 2009 on its:

o 21 different LTU Series tube heaters with heating capacities from 40,000 to 250,000 BTU/hr

o LTS Series infrared straight tube heaters with its more than 100 configurations and heating capacities ranging from 40,000 BTU/hr to 250,000 BTU/hr.

o 19 ETS/ETU Series Low Intensity Infrared tube heaters with 100 configurations and capacities ranging from 40,000 to 250,000 BTU/hr.

o Ceramic heaters ranging in capacity from 26,000 to 160,000 BTU/hr.

"With over 200 different heating configurations, Space-Ray has one of the broadest and most complete line of tube heaters in the industry," noted Genisol. "This enhances our capability to custom design a radiant heating system that meets precise facility requirements for optimum flexibility, economy and maximum radiant energy distribution."

Also available at the AHR Expo 2009 will be information on Space-Ray's exclusive COMPUHEAT® program, a computerized heat loss analysis service, which the company offers free of charge to qualified plant managers, contractors and building owners.

The first U.S. manufacturer to design unitized tube heaters, Space-Ray has over 50 years of field experience and exposure to industrial heating and commercial heating problems.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Space-Ray's parent company
Gas-Fired Products also has a wholly owned subsidiary in Ipswich, England.

For more information on the Space-Ray line of radiant heaters, contact Space-Ray at P O Box 36485, Charlotte, N.C. 28236, call toll-free (800) 438-4936 or call (704) 372-3485. The FAX is (704) 332-5843 and e-mail Space-Ray can also be found on the web at

Space-Ray® is a Registered Trademark of GFP, Inc. The Tube Integrity Safety System(TM) is patent-pending

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