Soysolv Graffiti Remover Best in Class

Tiffin, Ohio – SOYSOLV® GRAFFITI REMOVER has been recognized as Best in Class in a recent independent study conducted by the non-profit Center for a New American Dream. SOYSOLV® GRAFFITI REMOVER is a safer alternative made from American farm-grown soybeans and corn and replaces traditional toxic chemicals with a patented formulation.

The study was conducted for the city of Portland, Oregon. It revealed that some graffiti cleaning products are significantly less hazardous and clean just as well as their more toxic counterparts. SOYSOLV® ranked Best in Class and showed excellent efficacy at removing graffiti from smooth, non-porous painted and un-painted surfaces.

"There are some pretty scary graffiti cleaners out there, but we were delighted to discover that there are much safer products on the market," explained Diane Wood, the Center for a New American Dream's Executive Director. "Across the country, youth groups, school districts, and local governments are trying to clean up their communities. With this new information, these groups can get rid of graffiti without putting people – especially young people – at risk."

The Center for a New American Dream examined product ingredient information, and existing lists of known carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other human health hazards compiled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and others. The products were then tested throughout Portland, Oregon, to measure the products' effectiveness removing different types of graffiti from a variety of surfaces. "We are proud that our product performed well in this independent testing removing graffiti. We are even more proud to know our product was recognized as environmentally friendly because of its all natural ingredients," stated Steve Smith, General Manager of SOYSOLV®.

SOYSOLV® uses 100% bio-based ingredients derived from plants in its patented formulation. The product contains no hazardous air pollutants, no ozone-depleting chemicals and no suspected carcinogens. SOYSOLV® GRAFFITI REMOVER is non-flammable and 100% bio-degradable.

A free report that describes the testing methodology and results is available at the Center for a New American Dream website: SOYSOLV® has been a leader in developing environmentally-friendly graffiti removers and industrial cleaners since 1990. More information about SOYSOLV® is available by calling:

1-877-769-7658  or going to their website:

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