Sound Dampener limits inter-room noise transmission.

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Used in new construction or retrofit applications, PROSPEC Decibel Drop™ viscoelastic damping compound decreases sound traveling to adjacent rooms. Class 1 fire-rated product has sound transmission class rating of 50–62, depending on construction configuration; and comes in cartridges for application with caulk gun. Product installs between layers of drywall or plywood in walls and ceilings or between layers of subflooring.

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illbruck acoustic's PROSPEC Decibel Drop(TM) Helps Keep Noise Where it Belongs

MINNEAPOLIS - illbruck acoustic, inc. has introduced PROSPEC Decibel Drop, a high-performance viscoelastic damping compound that decreases the sound traveling to adjacent rooms. PROSPEC Decibel Drop is appropriate for use in commercial spaces, broadcast/audio facilities, home theaters and multifamily dwellings.

“PROSPEC Decibel Drop is an economical solution for reducing sound transmission into adjacent interior areas for both new construction and retrofit applications,” says Joerg Hutmacher, business unit manager, illbruck acoustic.

PROSPEC Decibel Drop is Class 1 fire-rated. The product provides superior acoustic control in low frequencies and has a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 50 to 62, depending on the construction configuration.

PROSPEC Decibel Drop is easy to install between layers of drywall or plywood in walls and ceilings or between layers of subflooring. The product comes in a cartridge and is applied with a standard caulk gun. Two to three cartridges cover 32 square feet, applied randomly over the drywall surface area.

For more information or to locate a distributor, visit or call (800) 662-0032.

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