Sorbent Mat protects high traffic industrial areas.

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High Traffic Roll universal sorbent efficiently absorbs water, oil, solvents, and virtually any liquid. Three-ply polypropylene construction features top layer of strong, low-linting spunbond polypropylene coverstock; core made up of highly absorbent meltblown polypropylene; and bottom layer of durable, meltblown polypropylene coverstock. Medium weight alternative is also available.

Original Press Release:

Protecting People and Equipment with SPC High Traffic Sorbents

Somerset, NJ (March 2005) - Sorbent Products Company (SPC) is proud to announce the launch of it's new family of high traffic products. Highlighted by the new High Traffic Roll, the High Traffic Family includes some of SPC's best universal sorbents in terms of strength and absorbency.

"Industrial facilities have many high traffic areas that require proper maintenance and safety precautions," states Michael Hobin, SPC President. "Heavy foot and forklift traffic combined with problem spill areas create a work hazard for both employees and equipment." Designed to be economical while maintaining a high level of durability and absorbency, the High Traffic Roll is a universal sorbent - efficiently absorbing water, oil, solvents and virtually any liquid.

In addition to the High Traffic Roll, the new family of high traffic products includes BattleMat(TM) - SPC's premium camouflage covered sorbent. Introduced in 2001, BattleMat quickly became one of SPC's most popular products. Rounding out the family is the HT555, a multi-function/multi-perforated sorbent roll, and the HT153/303 - a medium weight alternative to the High Traffic Roll available in 300' lengths.

All of the members of the High Traffic Family are made from highly absorbent and durable three-ply polypropylene. Featuring an "SMM" construction, the top layer consists of a strong, low-linting spunbond polypropylene coverstock. The core of this new mat is made up of highly absorbent meltblown polypropylene while the bottom layer is a durable, meltblown polypropylene coverstock.

Sorbent Products Company has been in the business of making and selling oil and chemical absorbents since 1977. SPC has grown quickly from a distributor of a single absorbent product to one of the dominant producers in the world. Today, SPC is the largest producer of meltblown polypropylene sorbents in the USA with shipping and warehousing capabilities in Somerset, NJ; Reno, NV; St. Louis, MO; and Toronto, Canada. Additionally, SPC is positioned for global response through SPC International, headquartered in Belgium and SPC Asia in Hong Kong.

High Traffic Family of Sorbents: BattleMat (BM15 & BM30)

and High Traffic (HT15, HT30, HT153, HT303 & HT555)

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