Sonic Packaging's "Pick Dose" Syringe... A Better Way to Single Dose Delivery

By allowing the user to set the dial, the Pick Dose is designed to administer the precise dosage each and every time. The "Pick Dose" Syringe is ideal anywhere oral medication is administered, such as in Nursing Homes, Veterinary Clinics, Hospitals, Home Health Service Providers or even by parents with young children. Everyone can benefit from this unique application.

The Pick Dose is a cost effective alternative to single dose unit packaging, which can be extremely costly. Packaging each dose individually increases transportation, manufacturing, and raw materials costs. It also increases energy usage and in many cases, forces manufacturers to retool their production lines.

Besides being cost effective, another benefit to the manufacturer is that additional product stability testing is not required for the Pick Dose syringe. (Compatibility and stability testing is typically recommended to ensure that there is no negative reaction between the syringe and the product). Since the Pick Dose is not intended for prolonged storage of medications, there is no need for long term stability testing. The medication or other ingestible substance remains in the original package until delivery to the patient, thus ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining product stability and packaging compatibility.

Medication safety is so important that the entire Healthcare industry recognizes a standard known as the Five Rights of Medication Safety: Right Patient, Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Route and Right Time. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academics found that medical errors account for anywhere between 44,000 to as many as 98,000 deaths annually in U.S. Hospitals and that 58% of these deaths could have been prevented.*

Sonic Packaging Industries, Inc. is an international packaging network of contract packaging and manufacturing facilities, serving the pharmaceutical, medical, personal care and cosmetic industries. Sonic works with small to medium manufacturing and marketing corporations located throughout the United States and Canada, which outsource their manufacturing and packaging requirements for new product introductions, line extensions and excess production requirements. Product development requires you to search for the best suppliers, determine stability requirements, understand packaging compatibility and create a design that represents your brand. You need to get it done within your timeframe and budget. Sonic will be there every step of the way.

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