SOLO Automated Pipettor Offered by Terra Universal

Fullerton, CA – Hudson Robotics’ SOLO Automated Pipettor gives users fast and convenient liquid handling with a small footprint. The SOLO can interface with robot-loading systems, or be used as a manual unit. On-board software is programmable, freeing lab personnel from repetitive-pipetting and time-consuming oversight. The unit is compatible with multi-well plates, vials, tubes and reagent reservoirs.

The SOLO can be programmed to dispense fluids above the well, tip-touch, or perform mixing operations as a 1-, 8- or 12-channel pipettor.  A volume range of 1 microliter to 200 microliters makes SOLO versatile for clinical, pharmaceutical or research laboratories. SOLO maintains sample integrity by avoiding cross-contamination during dispensing.

The SOLOSoft software is an icon- and menu-based interface allowing method development, storage of methods, scheduling, calibration and data capture.  It connects to a PC via RS-232. Components are made of stainless steel and aluminum; electronics are covered, safely protecting them from contact with liquid., a Terra Universal brand, offers hundreds of top-tier laboratory instruments and supplies. Learn more about the SOLO Automated Pipettor from Hudson Robotics by visiting

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