Solid-State Relays control applications up to 10 kW.

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Suitable for portable and remote equipment, mR2M 1 Form B and mD2M 1 Form A Relays are available with input voltages from 2.4–5V or 3.2–40 V and feature low input power consumption of 300 mA at 2.4 V. Depending on model, devices can switch at rate of 20 KHz, making them suitable for proportional control, DAQ, and sampling. Encapsulated in 1.15 x 1.75 x 0.595 in. package, relays feature low 50 nA leakage, frequency-pulse modulated oscillator, and virtual battery that extends life span infinitely.

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EDR Inc/Vsholding LLC Announces New Family of mR2M (1 Form B) and mD2M (1 Form A) Solid-State Relays Requiring Only 600mW Input Power for Controlling 10kW.

Louisville, KY, -- Electronic Design & Research Inc has introduced mR2Mand mD2Mseries to their industrial solid-state relays product line. Relays are ideal for interfacing portable and remote equipment to high current loads. The features are ultra-low input power consumption of only 300mA at 2.4V, with either “/1” for input voltages from 2.4V to 5V usable for customs set-ups and with “/7” suffix for a wide input from 3.2V to 40V. Depending on the model, devices could switch at a rate of 20Khz, thus can be used for proportional control, data acquisition and sampling.

mSSRs rated at various voltages/currents and some of them at 100A, which is the highest current in the industry for a normally closed SPST Solid-State Relay. Devices integrate a number of innovations such as a low leakage (50nA), but powerful gate driver having fast rising and falling slopes, a virtual battery that helps extending the device’s life span infinitely, a frequency-pulse modulated oscillator allowing optimize current consumption, etc.

Both mSPST-NO and mSPST-NC relays are offered for AC and DC output voltages. Encapsulated as a SIP4, it measures 1.15” H x 1.75” L x 0.595” W, or an industrial standard panel mounting (suffix “P” added) boxes. Costs vary depending on the device and the quantity, for example, mD2M150A10, SPST-NO relay rated at 150 VDC (115 VAC) & 10A rms costs $84.50 ea/100. Click for a data sheet

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Electronic Design & Research Inc, a Unit of VS Holding LLC, has been the world's innovative leader in manufacturing solid-state switching products for nearly 15 years. The company's comprehensive product line of SSR, SPDT drivers, H-Drivers, Super-High Power Switching Systems, Security Modules, Fog-Bulb relays, Super-Fast High-Voltage Switches, and many more meets a wide range of requirements for industrial, commercial, military and aerospace uses worldwide.

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