Solid State Relay integrates voltage suppression.

Press Release Summary:

With transient voltage suppression technology, 100 A DC Normally Closed SSR ensures inductive energy released during on and off switching is absorbed. Switch will default to closed position if interrupter fails, providing continuous cathodic protection. Unlike AC SSR, which requires up to 24 V across switch to operate, DC SSR operates from 100 V down to 0 V. With fast-cycle interruption, relay is specifically designed for oil and gas companies conducting fast-cycle surveys.

Original Press Release:

New 100 A DC Solid State Relay Integrates Voltage Suppression to Solve Pipeline Current Interruption Challenges

AUSTIN, Texas, – American Innovations (AI), protecting people and the environment with compliance solutions for the oil and gas industry, introduces its new 100 A DC Normally Closed (NC) Solid State Relay (SSR).

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires oil and gas companies to conduct close interval surveys to assess the effectiveness of cathodic protection (CP) systems on underground pipelines. This necessitates interrupting the impressed current on the pipeline to measure the "on" and "off" potentials.

Using an NC SSR to interrupt the DC output is preferred - especially with fast-cycle interruption. Previously, DC NC SSRs could not switch high currents due to the inductive energy released from pipelines during interruption. The new relay, developed by AI engineers, integrates a unique transient voltage suppression technology to absorb the inductive energy. The voltage suppression technology allows the new relay to switch much higher output currents - up to 100 A.

The 100 A DC Normally Closed SSR:

--  Protects against damaging effects of transient voltages - With a unique transient voltage suppression technology, the inductive energy released during on and off switching is absorbed. This protects the SSR from the damaging effects of high transient voltages making it ideal for high-current CP systems.

--  Operates with low output voltages - Unlike an AC SSR, which requires up to 24 V across the switch to operate, our DC SSR operates from 100 V down to zero volts.

--  Provides continuous cathodic protection - Because it's a normally closed relay, the switch will default to the "closed" position if the interrupter fails. Current will continue to flow over the pipeline, protecting it against corrosion.

--  Works with fast-cycle interruption - This new SSR is specifically designed for oil and gas companies conducting fast-cycle surveys. With longer interruption cycles, the survey technician either has to walk slower waiting for an "on/off pair" to get unique readings for each step, or walk faster using the same readings for multiple steps. Fast-cycle interruption provides unique readings with each step, while walking at a faster pace. This enables more accurate data collection and a faster rate of progress along the pipeline.

--  Improves measurements - Unlike mechanical relays, this relay switches faster giving you cleaner transitions with minimal spiking, which improves measurement repeatability and accuracy.

--  Is fully compatibility - The SSR is compatible with all interruption-enabled Bullhorn® remote monitors and MicroMax® current interrupters.

"The ideal DC current interruption switch would remain closed if the interrupter failed, interrupt the DC output down to zero volts and be able to switch high currents. Until today, you could only get two out of three. Our new 100 A DC normally closed switch now provides all three," says Ed Kruft, AI President. "Our transient voltage suppression technology is another example of innovating to meet the specific needs of our customers."

For more information, read our Solid State Relays Product Data Sheet.

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