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Solid State Relay features specialized low-power design.

Press Release Summary:

Jul 23, 2007 - Model EDR82648 normally closed optically coupled solid state relay suits low-power applications. Features include blocking up to +/-100 Vdc or 70 Vac, load current capability up to 30 A/18 A, resistance of 0.09 W, control current of 0.9 mA at 2.9 Vdc, and 2 mW power is required to control 2 kW of output power. Unit comes standard in D2 packaging for PC Board mounting and can also can be manufactured in standard enclosures.

Original Press Release

EDR/Vsholding Introduces 100V, 30, SPST-NC (1 Form B) Solid State Relay with Only 1mA Control

Press release date: Jul 04, 2007

Louisville, KY - July 4, 2007 - Electronic Design & Research Inc. today announced the immediately available of the EDR82648 (D2L100A18), normally closed, solid state relay. The EDR82468 is an optically coupled SSR capable of blocking up to +/-100 VDC or 70 VAC, has load current capability up to 30A/18A, and offers a low resistance of 0.09 Ohms and extremely low control current, of only 0.9 mA at 2.9 VDC. It is package in a small D2-package for a PC Board mounting but also can be manufactured in many standard enclosures.

The EDR82648 provides EDR Inc. with a significant advantage in the power relay market. It is EDR82648 belongs to a family of low controlling power Solid State Relays and it is extension of varieties of normally closed relays introduced last year. In the case of D2L100A18 there is only 2 mW power is required to control 3 kW of output power. Due to the power combination of voltage and current ratings, the EDR82648 is perfectly suited for low-power applications and can be control directly by a low-voltage, low-power IC chips.

The EDR82648 is just beginning of an entire new power relay family enabling EDR Inc. to extend performance and voltage/current combination ratings. The first production order will be shipped during the next week. Relays will be used in a controller that powered by a solar panel.

About EDR Inc. and Vsholding LLC.: EDR, a leader in the design and manufacture solid-state relay, high-voltage and super-fast push-poll switches, breakers, ½- and H-bridge drivers, DC Motor drivers, power-management modules, 60 Hz-comb-notch filters, ultra-low noise amplifiers. Vsholding is a technology management company. Additional information about EDR Inc. and Vsholding may be found at

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