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Solid-State Power Controllers handle up to 25 A/channel.

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Solid-State Power Controllers handle up to 25 A/channel.

Dec 21, 2012 - Solid-state power controllers (SSPCs) include 8-channel RP-26401000N0 with 25 A per channel and 16-channel RP-2621X000 with 8/10/25 A per channel. On-board DC/DC converters simplify power supply requirements, command interface reduces bus traffic, and digital discrete control capability aids system integration. SSPCs feature serial RS-485 bus interface option and do not require external bias supply. Also, automated prognostic/diagnostic reporting eliminates need for scheduled maintenance.

Original Press Release

Next Generation Solid-State Power Controllers!

Press release date: Dec 20, 2012

Bohemia, New York -- Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces its latest and most advanced generation of solid-state power controllers (SSPC) featuring on-board DC-to-DC converters to simplify power supply requirements, a new command interface to reduce bus traffic, and enhanced digital discrete control capability designed to improve system integration.

Benefits include:
New On-Board DC-to-DC Converter
Eliminates the Need for an External Bias Supply
New Serial RS-485 Bus Interface Option
New Command Interface
Greatly Reduces Bus Traffic
Enhanced Digital Discrete Control Capability

8 Channels
25 Amps per Channel (200 Amp Total Power)

16 Channels
8/10/25 Amps per Channel (238 Amp Total Power)

DDC’s Solid-State Power Controllers provide advanced programmability to simplify crew operation, automated power control to optimize power utilization, and automated prognostic/diagnostic reporting which eliminates the need for scheduled maintenance. The cards offer intelligent power management advantages such as accurate over-current protection, programmability, load monitoring, and network control to simplify vehicle power management. They also provide Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) savings, with higher reliability and longer life compared to electromechanical circuit breakers and relays.

“Our SSPCs have long supported the demanding power distribution needs of both manned and unmanned military programs deployed worldwide, including the M1A2, Bradley, LPPV, MQ-9 Reaper, and MRAP. Now, with these new cards, DDC takes power control to the next level, increasing functionality and simplifying integration, to provide leaner, more intelligent power control for upcoming generations of ground, sea, air, and space applications”, stated Steve Rood Goldman, DDC’s Marketing Manager.

Chris Stabile
Marketing Communications Manager
Data Device Corporation
Tel: (631) 567-5600 x7419

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