Solid AT's SmartScan® 50 Supports MODBUS-RTU Communication Protocol

TEL-AVIV, Israel, July 17 - Solid Applied Technologies, Ltd. (Solid AT) a leading provider of ultrasonic level measurement instruments, announced today that their 4-wire product, SmartScan® 50, will now support a subset of the MODBUS-RTU Protocol. This new feature will provide users with improved productivity and increased level of control in production facilities.

MODBUS-RTU is an application layer communication protocol that provides client, SmartScan® 50, and server communication. The MODBUS-RTU communication capabilities enable users to configure and monitor the SmartScan® 50 status using the standard MODBUS-RTU protocol.

The following diagram describes the connection of SmartScan® 50 units (slaves) with the MODBUS-RTU application (master). The master can be either PC or PLC via RS485 physical layer multi drop connection.

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