Solenoids are designed for security applications.

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Mecalectro(TM) solenoids enable electrically controlled action for applications with locking devices and mechanical signaling. Linear solenoids include types for standard, intensive, or heavy-duty applications, as well as bistable linear and self-holding latching solenoids. Rotary solenoids provide rotation angles of 45-90º. Shotbolts can function with power off or on, depending on type, and electromagnet types include safety holding and magnetic locks.

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Solenoids Designed for Security Applications Available from SKF Motion Technologies

A specialized line of Mecalectro(TM) solenoids is available from SKF Motion Technologies (Bethlehem, PA) for security applications. These solenoids enable fast-moving electrically controlled action for industrial, commercial, and military applications involving various locking devices and mechanical signaling, among others. The product line extends to shotbolts and holding and carrying electromagnets designed to safeguard people and property.

Linear solenoids are available in various types and sizes for the widest range of stroke lengths, force capabilities, and duty cycles. The line of linear solenoids includes specially engineered types for standard, intensive, or heavy-duty applications, as well as bistable linear solenoids and self-holding latching solenoids designed to promote low energy consumption. A line of rotary solenoids (in three series) provides rotation angles of 45º-90º.

Shotbolts for locking of doors and other mechanisms can function either with power off (passive safety) or with power on (active safety), depending on type. The line of electromagnets includes safety holding electromagnets to operate shutters and dampers in case of fire and types to control emergency exits and magnetic locks for access control.

All solenoid-related products available from SKF can be customized to satisfy application-specific security requirements.

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