Solenoid Valves feature isolating diaphragms.

Press Release Summary:

22 mm Flipper Solenoid Valves provide repetitive seal engagment in aggressive media. Type 6127/6128 and Type 6607/6608 are available in 3-way versions with 3 ports in base, as well as 2-way versions with orifice sizes up to 3 mm. Frictionless and back-pressure-tight, flipper design is resistant to clogging and sticking. Low dead-volume, low carryover valves eliminate cross-contamination, making them suitable for control of critical fluids.

Original Press Release:

New Burkert 22mm Flipper Solenoid Valves With Isolating Diaphragm Provide Long Service Life, High Accuracy and Reliability With Small Volumes Of Media

Non-spring plunger valves are available in standard configurations and Customized manifold solutions with 2- or 3-way functionality, vacuum to 140 psi.

Irvine, CA, December 10, 2001 - Burkert's new 22mm flipper solenoid valves with isolating diaphragms are big performers in liquid handling systems used for low internal volume and high pressure applications. With their innovative flipper design actuating mechanisms and flexible diaphragm materials, Type 6127/6128 and Type 6607/6608 for analytical-medical applications provide reliable, repetitive seal engagement in aggressive media. Ideal for manifold mounting, the new valves complement the existing Burkert product line of 10mm-32mm high reliability solenoid valves for the medical, biotech and analytical

Both flipper-type valves are available in 3-way versions-with all three ports in the base-as well as 2-way normally open and normally closed versions, and are available in orifice sizes up to 3mm. These low dead-volume, low carryover valves are especially effective in eliminating cross-contamination, thus making them ideal for the control of critical fluids. Frictionless and back pressure-tight, the flipper design is
resistant to clogging and sticking, for long service life combined with high accuracy and reliable operation.

Type 6127/6128

Designed for medical, biotech, and analytical instrumentation and ink jet printers, Burkert Type 6127 (2/2-way) 6128 (3/2-way) valves have cost-effective, high quality PPS plastic bodies. Flexible diaphragms of EPDM or FPM elastomers isolate fluids from metal operating parts, preventing metal-to-fluid contact that can cause abrasion, contamination, corrosion and heat transference.

Customers can specify manifold mount, 10-32 UNF or MS connections
combined with flying leads or DIN electrical connections. Fast opening and closing response times are maintained on vacuum to 140 psi pressure over a fluid temperature range of 0 degrees C to +70 degrees C (0 degrees F to 236 degrees F). The valve is available with a flanged port connection and 2mm or 3mm orifice.

Type 6607/6608

Designed for medical, biotech and analytical applications including blood analysis, chromatography, peptide synthesis, laboratory analysis, kidney dialysis and other critical medical and analytical system volumes, the Type 6607/6608 valve body of high-temperature crystalline resins (PEEK) provides high strength and stiffness, with long- and short-term heat resistance. Isolating diaphragms of FFKM(perfluoroelastomer) completely separate the actuator from the fluid for high purity and ease of maintenance. The valves maintain fast opening and closing response times under pressures to 42 psi over a fluid temperature range of 0 degrees C to +70 degrees C (0 degrees F to
236 degrees F).

As with the Burkert Type 6127/6128, the Type 6607/6608 valve can be easily installed on a manifold because all the ports are together on the bottom. A stainless steel plate isolates the actuator from the coil, ensuring no heating of the coil while the body remains mounted to the manifold. Type 6607/6608 has sub-base port connections and a 3mm orifice and manual override.


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