Solenoid Valves allow bi-directional flow.

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Solenoid Valves are available in 3-way, 2-position or 2-way, 2-position; normally closed or normally open; and direct lift/balanced poppet configurations. Operating pressure ranges from vacuum to 6000 psig. AC and DC voltages are offered and most units come standard with class H coils. Valves provide zero leakage with response times of less than 100 milliseconds. Applications include chemical control, block and bleed systems, and hydraulic control.

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Bi-Directional and Zero Leak Solenoid Valves

Circle Seal Controls presents a line of Solenoid Valves in 3-way 2-position or 2-way 2-position, normally closed or normally open, direct lift/balanced poppet configuration for a variety of industrial applications. These valves were originally designed to meet the stringent and rigorous specification requirements of the Aerospace Industry. These Aerospace specifications have yielded a line of solenoid valves that frequently exceed the industrial customer's requirements. The Circle Seal (CSC) Solenoid Valve's robust design provides for longer and enhanced performance with an operating pressure from vacuum to 6000 PSIG. A variety of AC and DC voltages are offered and most units come standard with class H coils, enabling longer life at elevated temperatures. The CSC Solenoid Valves allow for Bi-Directional flow and can provide zero leakage with response times that are typically less than 100 milliseconds. The Circle Seal Solenoid valves can be used in a variety of gas and liquid applications. Some of the common applications for these valves include chemical control, block and bleed systems, hydraulic control systems and Pilot valve supply applications. Circle Seal Controls designs and manufactures a broad range of instrumentation valve products, including check valves, relief valves, solenoid valves, motion-control systems, motor-operated valves, manifold valves and regulators. Circle Seal Controls specializes in custom solutions featuring precise performance, quality and reliability. The company serves a diverse market including alternative fuels, food processing, instrumentation, medical industries and aerospace/military, where performance, quality and reliability are critical. For more information: Contact Scott Tomlinson Tel 909-270-6200 Fax 909-270-6201 email: web:

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