Soldering Torch reaches final temperature of 1,050 F

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Solder Cleanout Torch, Model TM2100CLO feature stainless steel screens in nozzles to prevent clogging. Torch nozzle and venturi are located in manifold base, and stainless steel flame tubes are pressed into manifold. With normal tip pressure of 48 psi, unit is rated to operate with MAPP® gas at room temperature for 20 min.

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General Regulator, Inc. has Introduced its New 2nd Generation Multiple Tip Torch, the TM2100CLO Crosstech Professional Torch

TM2100CLO SOLDER CLEANOUT TORCH We have been producing the TM2100 torch since 1978. We had an patent on this product which prevented competitors from copying our design approach. Recently our patent expired and some of our competitors came out with products like ours - no imagination on their part! (The large torch companies are copying our design approaches - not the other way around!) We decided that we were not going to put up with that situation. We decided to completely redesign the TM2100 torch and have created the brand new TM2100CLO torch. The design is very sleek and very rugged at the same time. We eliminated the TT2000HS tips which were on the old TM2100 design. We accomplished this by putting the torch nozzle and venturi in the manifold base. The stainless flame tubes are then pressed into the manifold. We have special stainless steel screens in the nozzles to prevent dirt from the tanks from clogging them. We have been using these screens since 1978 so our field history told us that there was no problem in using the non replaceable tips in the design. We could have made these non solder clean out flame tubes but decided it was better to allow the plumber to remove the solder on their own. (They would not have been able to purchase replacement tips for this product.) They can however purchase replacement FT2000HS flame tubes for the tips. We like the TM2100CLO torch products so much, we have discontinued the TM2100 product as of September 2004. At a slightly higher cost then the old TM2100 torch the plumber is getting a sexy new product that has our new solder clean out feature. They are getting also some of the reliable old components like the nozzles with stainless steel screens and our trusty venturi design for peak performance and our patented flame stabilizers. There are torch companies in the industry who give their new products very powerful trade names, giving the purchasing agent the impression that these torches are at the cutting edge of performance and there must be nothing better out there in the marketplace. We have conducted competitive tests on market leading products and have reported on our web site measurable facts that show CROSSTECH PROFESSIONAL TORCHES are better than the competition. When compared to CROSSTECH PROFESSIONAL TORCHES, the #1 brand, double tip torch is NOT superior to ours. The TM2100CLO uses 18.8% less fuel than the #1 brand, but also the TM2100CLO heats the work piece faster and has a higher work piece temperature. During our testing we could see the #1 brand flame intensity significantly reduced as the torch tip was being operated less than ideal tip pressure. This fact confirms that they are take much more fuel out of the cylinder then we do. The TM2100CLO did not have this problem and operated at normal tip pressure of 48 PSI. The TM2100CLO is rated to operate with MAPP® gas at room temperature for 20 minutes. The #1 brand torch had a tip pressure of 59 PSI. o The TM2100CLO torch reaches a final temperature of 1,050oF o The TM2100CLO torch reaches the #1 brand final temperature of 982oF 1.9 times faster. We believe the reason for the CROSSTECH PROFESSIONAL TORCHES have excellent performance is because of our higher flame speeds and laminar flow though our flame stabilizers which we have been using since 1978. We have never had to improve the stabilizers in our designs nor the venturi used in our torch tips. Business Background General Regulator, Inc. was incorporated July 1, 1978. The founders are Frank Baranowski, Jr., President and Treasurer, Roger A. Baranowski, Vice-President, and C. J. Baranowski, Secretary. Frank Baranowski Jr. worked 32 years for the General Electric Co. in West Lynn, Massachusetts designing instrumentation equipment. During that time he received 11 U.S. Patents for his inventions. His work created new business enterprises for the General Electric Co. Later he joined Wingaersheek (TurboTorch®) and designed the original "Handyman" torch. That torch was the first hand held torch to use both a torch tip and a small regulator attached to a one (1) pound propane gas cylinder. C. J. Baranowski has a background in Electrical Engineering and has 4 U.S. Patents for products developed at electronic companies. Both Frank Baranowski and C. J. Baranowski have been active with the business since General Regulator, Inc. was incorporated. Frank designed the present 2000 Series of torches which are superior to anything in the marketplace. Our torches were the first to have high temperature stainless steel flame stabilizers which won't melt out. Our products have an excellent track record in field use. We experience less than a 1% field reject rate for any problem, even if the customer damages the product by getting solder in the torch tip. Frank owns 9 patents on products being manufactured by General Regulator, Inc. General Regulator, Inc. has been selling its torches in the United States and Canada through sales representatives. Our web site: www.SupplierOfChoice.Com is an excellent source for information on our products and business. Please visit our web site: E-Mail: GeneralRegulatorInc@MSN.Com

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