Soldering System uses software for selective programming.

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Part of mySelective 6745 modular selective soldering system, Easyteach software enables operator to use JPEG or flat scan to program soldering sequence for any assembly in minutes. User selects fluxing and soldering points on image, mouse clicks to mark points, and program automatically sets up fluxing and soldering sequence. With Easyteach, sets of sequences can be copied or duplicated for multiple boards, and all recipes can be stored and recalled.

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Revolutionary New 'Easyteach' Makes Selective Soldering Programming 'Child's Play'

Stratham, New Hampshire, USA - Vitronics Soltec announces an exclusive software tool that makes selective soldering set-up incredibly fast and simple. With 'Easyteach', developed exclusively by Vitronics Soltec, an operator uses a simple graphic image of the assembly - a JPEG or flat scan - to program the soldering sequence for any assembly in a matter of minutes with a few mouse clicks.

Anyone who can use a simple photo editing program, or lay out a newsletter, can quickly master 'Easyteach'. No specialized CAD tools, sophisticated training, or computer programming abilities are needed. 'Easyteach' begins with a simple graphic image of the PCB that will be soldered. Then, the user simply selects fluxing and soldering points on the image, mouse clicks to mark the fluxing and soldering points, and the program automatically sets up the fluxing and soldering sequence in a matter of minutes.

With Easyteach, sets of sequences can be copied or duplicated for multiple boards, and the program automatically calculates the path and sequence for the soldering points. The operator merely marks the sites to be soldered and indicates the board's outer dimensions. Using Easyteach, a single operator can actually 'teach' the machine a soldering recipe in approximately the same time that it takes for the automated machine to solder only three assemblies.

In making the announcement, Peter Raaijmakers, Product Manager Selective, said, "Easyteach is so simple to learn and use that its simplicity will shock the new user. It's revolutionary in that it needs only a graphic image of the assembly, easily obtained, in order to generate accurate, fast, reliable soldering recipes. Because the program is naturally intuitive, the operator's work is simple. This makes 'Easyteach' an ideal tool for the high-mix environment. All recipes can be stored and recalled as well. It doesn't get any easier than 'Easyteach."

'Easyteach' is an integral part of Vitronics Soltec's new mySelective 6745, an in-line capable, compact, modular selective soldering system that's ideal for medium volume, high-mix assembly. mySelective 6745 also features precision flexible robotics, and optimized product handling. Its compact footprint optimizes limited factory floor space, yet this is a system that can be added onto to create additional capability as needs increase. Additional preheat modules and fluxing units can be added on as volumes increase or process requirements change. The unit incorporates an IR preheating module, dropjet fluxer, and SelectWave nozzle.

Vitronics Soltec is part of Dover Corporation, a multi-billion dollar, NYSE-traded, diversified manufacturer of a wide range of proprietary products and components for industrial and commercial use. Vitronics Soltec specializes in the design and manufacturing of mass soldering equipment for the global circuit board assembly market, and includes Reflow, Wave and Selective Soldering technologies. Vitronics Soltec designs and manufactures its systems in three facilities, located in Stratham, New Hampshire, USA; Oosterhout, The Netherlands; and Suzhou, China. Direct sales and support centers are located in the United States, Holland, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Shanghai. For more information about the company, visit:; E-mail:

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