Solder Paste Printers handle large board sizes.

Press Release Summary:

With respective printing cycle times of 8 and 6 sec (excluding printing time) and repeated accuracies of ±12.5 and ±10 µm, HP-07 and HP-08 accommodate PCBs ranging from 50 x 50 mm to 620 x 510 mm and with thicknesses from 0.4-5.0 mm. Side board clamping eliminates gap between board and stencil, and Synchronous Squeegee technology keeps constant printing pressure on warped PCBs. Printers also feature Direct Drive stencil snap-off control and 895-930 mm pass line.

Original Press Release:

HITACHI Expands Sales & Service of Large Board Size Solder Paste Printer HP-07/HP-08 in Americas

HITACHI Expands Sales & Service of Large Board Size Solder Paste Printer
HP-07/HP-08 in Americas

Dallas, Texas, USA - Sales and service for the recently-introduced HP-07 and HP-08 solder paste printers has been expanded to the Americas, it was announced today by the Production Systems Division (PSD) of Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (HTA).

The newly introduced HP-07 and HP-08 solder paste printers can accommodate large size printed circuit boards with a range from 50 x 50 to 620 x 510mm, with and extremely fast cycle rates, making both models well-suited to work in conjunction with Hitachi PSD's flagship Sigma G5 high speed modular mounter.

The HP-07 and HP-08 are designed and manufactured by Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. (HPT), a sister company of Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation under the same Hitachi group. HPT has specialized in high quality and accuracy printing technologies for half a century.

Excellent printing quality and very fast cycle time coupled with easy operation are ensured by HPT's unique and consistent design features including:
(1) Unique side board clamping, which eliminates the gap between board and stencil;
(2) Synchronous Squeegee technology, which keeps a constant printing pressure on warped PCBs; and
(3) Direct Drive stencil snap-off control.

The "Synchronous Squeegee" controls both squeegee parallelism and Z-axis balance through the use of HPT's unique cylinder which precisely compensates for bumps or deformation in the board surface, resulting in a very reliable printing process. Additionally, technicians are not required to adjust the squeegee level, only to set printing pressure to obtain constant and stable printing. Finally, stencil snapoff is an exceptionally smooth process because the stencil is free from unnecessary printing pressures from the squeegee.

Hitachi High Technologies America will support HPT's printers in North and South America from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and has officially started installations in the U.S. as of May, 2012. HTA will utilize both Hitachi Plant Technologies powerful solder paste printer together with their own Sigma series high speed modular mounters as a single line solution to accommodate customer's demands.

Basic Specs for the new HITACHI Solder Paste Printers HP-07 and HP-08

Item HP-07 HP-08
Board Size mm Min 50x50 ~ Max Min 50x50 ~ Max
620x510 620x510
Stencil Size mm 736 x 736, 750 x 736 x 736, 750 x 750
PCB thickness mm 0.4 ~ 5.0 0.4 ~ 5.0
Board Transfer - Left to Right/Right Left to Right/Right
Direction to Left(OP) to Left(OP)
Board Transfer - Front Fix / Rear Front Fix / Rear
Reference Fix(OP) Fix(OP)
Printing Cycle - 8 sec excluding 6 sec excluding
Time printing time printing time
Repeated um +/- 12.5 um +/- 10 um
Pass Line mm 895 to 930 895 to 930
Pressure MPa 0.49 ~ 0.69 0.49 ~ 0.69
Power - 3 ph AC200V 3 ph AC200V
50/60Hz 3.0kVA 50/60Hz 3.0kVA
Weight Kg Approx 1,000 Approx 1,000
Dimensions (L x mm 1,314 x 1,630 x 1,314 x 1,630 x
W x H) 1,430 1,430

About Hitachi High Technologies America - Production Systems Division
Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. ("HTA") is a privately-owned global affiliate company that operates within the Hitachi Group Companies. HTA sells and services semiconductor manufacturing equipment, analytical instrumentation, scientific instruments, bio-related products as well as industrial equipment, electronic devices, electronic and industrial materials, consumer electronic products, wireless mobile telephones, and hard disk manufacturing systems. The HTA Production Systems Division (PSD) offers optimal integrated manufacturing solutions to large and small customers by supplying a variety of cutting-edge surface mount technology manufacturing solutions. For more information, and company contact information, visit

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