Solder Pallet Material enhances electronics assembly.

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Suited for high-temperature solder pallets, WaveMax(TM) 5000 thermoset composite material supports continuous operating temperature of 260°C and withstands exposures to heat up to 360°C. Construction combines non-woven random glass mat substrate and static dissipative epoxy resin system. Machineable material has flexural strength of 30,000 psi and maintains flexural strength to 13,600 psi at elevated temperatures.

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New High-Temperature WaveMax(TM) 5000 Solder Pallet Material Enhances Electronics Assembly

POSTVILLE, IA - Norplex-Micarta announces WaveMax(TM) 5000, a superior thermoset composite material for durable, high-temperature solder pallets. WaveMax 5000 provides excellent mechanical strength at a continuous operating temperature of 260°C. In addition, the material easily withstands exposures to temperatures approaching 360°C, such as those produced during wave soldering and IR reflow. WaveMax 5000 is also used for long-term, high-temperature lines running 24 hours a day.

WaveMax 5000 is a combination of a non-woven random glass mat substrate and a high-temperature, static dissipative epoxy resin system. This solder pallet material is considered the easiest to machine in the industry, and is ideal for finely-machined parts requiring very thin walls with high strength. WaveMax 5000 has a flexural strength of 30,000 psi and maintains flexural strength to 13,600 psi at elevated temperatures. Due to its affordability and ease of machining, WaveMax 5000 is the ideal choice for prototype solder pallets with small- to medium-volume requirements.

In addition to WaveMax 5000, WaveMax is also available in three other grades. WaveMax 1000 is a cost-effective, stable material ideal for short runs, and will tolerate wave soldering temperatures for 100 to 500 passes. WaveMax 2000 can withstand the extreme temperature of 190° for short runs that do not require static dissipative properties. WaveMax 3000 has the same properties as WaveMax 2000, plus it features excellent static dissipative properties and withstands up to 3000 passes at 260°C.

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WaveMax(TM) is a trademark of Industrial Laminates/Norplex, Inc., Postville, Iowa.

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