Solar Freeze Protection Valve

Keep your solar collectors and exposed piping from freezing with the Vernatherm solar freeze protection valve.

Vernatherm freeze protection valves use reliable, non-electric, self-contained Vernatherm paraffin wax motors (thermal actuators) which automatically respond to temperature fluctuations. Usually in freeze protection applications, the valve port opens on temperature drop, allowing liquid that would normally freeze to be discharged and replaced with warmer fluid within the system. When warmer temperatures are detected by the thermal actuator within, the valve will automatically close the valve and the discharge cycle stops.

This cycle will repeat as often as necessary to prevent freezing. The amount of fluid discharged depends on ambient air temperature, and fluid temperature. The system is functioning properly when fluid is being discharged from the valve in near freezing conditions.

Due to the nature of the valve's function (thermal expansion) this valve requires no electrical power source.


* Discharge temperature of 35F

* Internal filter screen

* High temperature UV stabilized body material

* FDA and NSF listed materials

* 100 psi maximum operating pressure

* Complete mechanical operation

* Anti-siphon feature

* Tamper resistant materials

* Corrosion resistant materials

* Non-electric function

* Discharge port for 1/4" plastic pipe or 5/8 ID hose

Contact Name: Ken Lionello

Title: Sales Engineer


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